Murder in My House on ID: What happened to Marioara Shand?


In 2002, Marioara Shand’s stunning case shook the very close local area of Taos, New Mexico, when she was found violently r*ped and cut to death in her home. She was wounded more than twelve times, and her throat was cut open.

Disclaimer: This article contains realistic subtleties of r*pe and murder. Peruser prudence is encouraged.

DNA proof found at the crime location later affirmed the contribution of her property manager and nearby neighbor’s grandson, Nathaniel Duran, whom Shand had gotten on the morning of the homicide. Duran was in the long run sentenced and condemned to life in jail with an extra term.

The current week’s episode of Homicide in My Home is scheduled to account Marioara Shand’s bloodcurdling homicide case. The episode, named Blood All over the place, will air on ID this Tuesday, April 11, at 9 pm ET.

Here is the authority outline for the impending episode: Born in Yugoslavia, Marioara Shand was a Swedish local and had recently lived in Hanford, California. She was hitched to Michael Shand, whom she initially met when the last option was a strike official in Bahrain, and she functioned as an airline steward for Bay Carriers. The two got hitched in 1990, however her significant other tragically died in an auto crash in 1996 in the wake of being hit by an alcoholic driver.

In 2002, Shand lived in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, and was very eminent locally for her amicable and practical nature. Yet, on July 9 of that year, the police thought that she is dead, lying in a pool of blood, inside her home. A resulting post-mortem examination affirmed that the casualty was r*ped and afterward wounded multiple times before her throat was sliced two times.

Besides, reports express that when the police previously showed up at the crime location, it gave the idea that a battle had happened between the assailant and the 36-year-old casualty, yet they neglected to track down any indications of a constrained section. The main significant piece of proof found was an unfamiliar DNA test gathered from Shand’s internal thighs that would ultimately prompt a suspect.

After a couple of beginning disappointments concerning suspects and an absence of leads, the sluggish examination concerning Marioara Shand’s cutting demise made a critical improvement once specialists discovered that on the morning of the homicide, July 7, she got her nearby neighbor and landowner’s grandson, Nathaniel Duran, in her vehicle. That day, she disappeared and, surprisingly, neglected to appear at work.

Duran, who was 17 years of age at that point, kept up with his guiltlessness yet was ensnared in the wrongdoing utilizing the DNA found in examples of semen recuperated from Shand’s internal thigh. He then professed to have had consensual s*x with the person in question, preventing any charges from getting his contribution in the killing. Be that as it may, when he neglected to give evidence and a justification at the hour of the homicide, the police charged him.

As indicated by reports, Nathaniel Duran argued not liable however was sentenced for r*pe and murder. He was given a lifelong incarceration and an extra ten and a half years. He later ended it all while carrying out his life punishment in jail.

ID’s Homicide in My Home will reveal further insight into the many years old case this Tuesday, April 11.