Murdered mom Debbie Collier seen shopping at Family Dollar day she was reported missing


Georgia mother Debbie Collier seemed quiet and unafraid during an outing to a Family Dollar in the span of 24 hours of her unexpected passing, specialists said Monday, as the secret into the upsetting murder case developed.

Collier was accounted for missing on Sept. 10, that very day she entered the store in Clayton right away before 3 p.m., as per the Habersham Region Sheriff’s Office, who delivered observation film of the trip.

Film of the shopping trip shows Collier bought a few things from the store and was in and out in something like 15 minutes, as per the Atlanta Diary Constitution.

“In the video, the casualty has all the earmarks of being quiet and not in apprehension about anything,” the sheriff’s office expressed, as per the AJC. She was additionally purportedly alone in her SUV when she strolled into the store, police said.

Collier was found dead in a gorge around 60 miles from her Athens home on Sept. 11 after she wired her little girl $2,385 alongside the disturbing message, “They won’t let me go, love you.”

The store is around 13 miles north of the lush region where Collier was found, specialists said, who presently accept she died between 3:09 p.m. on Sept. 10 and 12:44 p.m. the following day.

While inside the corporate retailer before her passing, she purchased canvas, a light lighter, a downpour rain coat and a reusable handbag, the sheriff’s office expressed, as per NBC News.

The media source detailed her body was found with a red handbag and blue covering, however it is muddled in the event that those are the things bought at the Family Dollar.