Musa Hassan New Wife Qistina Lim | Married Life And Kids

The name of the resigned Malaysian cop, who has a heavenly profession spreading over a very long while in policing, kept from the gave data. Having presented with unique excellence for quite some time in the Illustrious Malaysian Police (PDRM), he has clearly made a critical commitment to saving harmony and request in Malaysia.

His arrangement as the seventh Reviewer General of Police, a post he held for an astounding four years, from September 2006 to September 2010, was one of the vocation’s significant features. He likely essentially affected how the country’s policing were molded and overseen over the course of his time there, assisting with settling various issues and keep up with law and order.

His commitment to public assistance likewise reaches out after he resigns; in May 2020, he turned into an individual from the directorate at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).

New Spouse of Musa Hassan, Qistina Lim
Musa’s union with Qistina Lim in 2023 pointed out his confidential life. In the Malaysian media outlet, Qistina Lim, likewise alluded to as Sarah Qistina Lim, is a flexible ability. She has acquired reputation and a committed fan base thanks to her driving parts in Television programs including “Go Iguanas!” (2018), “Go Iguanas! S.H.E.crets” (2019), and “Go Iguanas! Mission Atlantis” (2020).

Qistina Lim is an entertainer and performer who has mind boggling reach and creativity in her work. Her ability for moving, singing, and acting shows her affection and devotion to her innovative undertakings. Additionally, her contribution in media outlets gives the Malaysian diversion scene more subtlety and life. Musa, a popular resigned cop, and Qistina Lim, a talented entertainer and vocalist, unite two totally different universes.

Life of Musa Hassan Wedded
As per a trustworthy Malaysian paper, the New Waterways Times, Hassan, the previous Controller General of Police, and Qistina Lim’s September 24, 2023, marriage marked an earth shattering event in their lives. Indeed, even after their marriage was disclosed, there is still secret around their relationship and how they got together, which loans their organization a demeanor of secret.

In Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, the couple chose to praise their big day with close loved ones, and the wedding service was held in a lodging. As no further insights concerning the occasion were delivered, it created the impression that this close issue was planned to keep their marriage stowed away. The following period of Musa and Qistina’s married life is going to start, and for the people who have observed Musa’s distinguished lifetime in policing, association is a wellspring of interest and interest.

Children of Musa Hassan
As they as of late begun their marriage, Musa Hassan and Qistina Lim have not yet invited a youngster into their loved ones. As of the present moment, there is no data or sign that Qistina is anticipating their youngster. The pair doesn’t appear to be far along in their marriage, and they haven’t spread the word about their family-arranging objectives for the general population.

It is vital on the grounds that choices about life as a parent are incredibly private; individuals might choose not to have kids by any means or to lay out a family on their timetable. As it is as yet a confidential subject, Musa and Qistina have not uncovered their inclinations or plans in such manner. People in general and fans should stand by without complaining for any news or articulations from the couple about their family arranging choices.