Muslim organisation welcomes NIA-ED action against PFI


New Delhi, Sep 22 (IANS) The All India Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz (AIPMM) has critised the exercises of Well known Front of India (PFI), saying that it upholds the activities by the organizations against PFI individuals.

In a significant crackdown on the PFI, the Public Examination Organization (NIA) and the Requirement Directorate (ED) on Thursday struck premises connected to PFI in 15 states the nation over and captured a few of its top chiefs and functionaries.

“We invite the move by the public authority. We consider that this move has been made to defend the country.

The perspectives communicated by the PFI are risky. The meetings of PFI and its uniform help us to remember Hezbollah, a psychological oppressor association,” said Muhammad Yunus, chief, AIPMM.

He said that each resident of India has the option to communicate his perspectives, yet the manner in which the PFI was completing its exercises was profoundly condemable.

Yunus said the PFI put each Muslim of this country under the focal point of organizations because of its exercises.

He additionally said that PFI has offended Isalam and its lessons with its exercises.

“PFI was tricking poor people and uninformed Muslim youth. We firmly censure its demonstrations,” he said.