“My conscience is clear”: Scott Eizember shares final words as Oklahoma executes inmate over 2003 murder


On Thursday, January 12, 62-year-old Scott Eizember was executed for the homicide of a two or a long time back. He was executed in Oklahoma by deadly infusion and was proclaimed dead at 10.15 am nearby time on Thursday.

The execution occurred after a parole board casted a ballot against conceding him pardon. As indicated by The Post, the deadly medications were infused into Scott Eizember through intravenous at 10.01 am on Thursday, and he was pronounced dead around fifteen minutes after the fact.


The sentenced executioner, who accepted his last dinner at 5.10 pm on Wednesday, told the Related Press:

As per media reports, during the execution cycle, Scott Eizember was seen conversing with his otherworldly consultant, Reverend Jeffrey Hood. The last option was at first banned from visiting Eizember in the demise chamber by the Oklahoma Division of Remedies because of his set of experiences of against capital punishment activism and a capture. Notwithstanding, this time, he was permitted in after the casualties’ families mentioned it.

The Post likewise announced that the killer lifted his head and mouthed, “I love you,” towards his girl and his lawyers.

a long time back, Scott Eizember broke into the Cantrells’ home to all the more likely tail his previous sweetheart, Kathryn Smith, who resided across the road from them. As per investigators, Eizember went into the house solely after the old couple left, yet when they got back to the house startlingly, he killed them.

Examiners further asserted that Eizember beat 76-year-old A.J. Cantrell to death with a shotgun and afterward lethally fired his better half, 70-year-old Patsy Cantrell, with a similar weapon in October 2003. Following this, the killer supposedly broke into his previous sweetheart’s home and shot her child toward the back. He additionally went after Smith’s mom, yet the two of them endure the assault.

After this, a gigantic manhunt for Eizember followed, and he sidestepped capture for quite a long time. He was arrested while en route to Arkansas by keeping a couple locked down and compelling them to drive him there. Luckily for the pair, the spouse kept a weapon concealed inside his vehicle and had the option to shoot Scott Eizember multiple times under the steady gaze of telling policing.

In December 2022, Eizember told the parole board:

“I come up with no good reasons. I have a place in jail. I’ve said that right all along, and I am sorry abundantly to every one of the people in question and when I say all, I mean the whole Spring Province people group.”
Lawyer Mark Henricksen had thought that Scott Eizember’s execution would be a demonstration of “vengeance” as the indicted executioner was sorry during his extended stay in the slammer. In any case, relatives of the casualties have called this a defining moment in their lives.

In a proclamation conveyed at the Oklahoma State Prison after Scott Eizember’s execution, Johnny Melton, the couple’s nephew, said:

“There is no conclusion today, however a page has been turned and a new section in our lives has started. Subsequent to living this bad dream, I should say that 20 years is excessively lengthy for a fair outcome to be given.”

While safeguarding everybody’s privileges is unquestionably vital, he said that the interaction required too lengthy and that the beyond twenty years have been “unbearable” and excruciating for the lamenting relatives of A.J. Cantrell and Patsy Cantrell.