My Curvy Body, A Blessing – Lorraine Lionheart

Famous Joined Realm based Botswana artiste, Lorraine Lionheart, has said her surprising body is a gift for her. The artist, who has been in Nigeria on a few events to exhibit her art, said she has had a great time encounters in various pieces of the country.

In a meeting with Saturday Beats, she said, “My breathtaking body is such a gift; I can’t find anything negative truly. God will slap me on the off chance that I at any point gripe. I’m one of His anointed ones to flaunt His unimaginable imagination and I’m doing a damn steady employment. God is so content with me. Along these lines, no inconveniences here. The benefits increment consistently.

“It’s difficult to name one spot in Nigeria I love in light of the fact that these urban areas have all provided me with an astounding sensation of home. I have had such a warm greeting in Calabar, Abuja, Lagos and Benin and I are currently entirely searching for good cause and local area ventures to help in Nigeria so I can likewise offer back here and there.”

Talking on why she is dependably in Nigeria to perform at ‘Felabration’ (an occasion out of appreciation for the late Afrobeat artist, Fela Kuti), Lionheart said, “I can never miss ‘Felabration’. I just missed the 2020 pandemic release. Fela has completely changed myself in numerous ways simply by giving me the boldness to act naturally and be allowed to communicate my reality.

“He additionally trained me to adore and embrace all aspects of Africa. I presently have a Fela Kuti tattoo on my chest. I was simply born altogether too late. Assuming I was born during his time, I would have hitched him by fire forcibly. ‘Felabration’ is a significant celebration for African music. I’m currently facilitating my own ‘Felabration’ in the UK one year from now and I will in any case come to Lagos for the first one.”

The ‘Keke Napep’ artist said, “Love, sex and cash, what starts things out for me? Whichever brings harmony. Them three can be unpleasant occasionally. I surmise any can start things out; for however long I am relying upon me to get them, then, there is harmony. I give myself love, I perform sex on myself routinely and I bring in my own cash.”