“My Two Other Girlfriends Have To Agree To Be Friends With Allysyn” – Hermes

Hermes has as of late spoken about a potential relationship with his kindred ex-BBNaija season 7 housemate, Allysyn, and expressed a condition for his relationship with her to work which is that his 2 sweethearts need to consent to be companions with Allysyn.

The ex-housemate who came into the BBNaija house as one in a polygamous relationship with two delightful ladies spread the word about this during a meeting with Ebuka subsequent to being inquired as to whether he will make his relationship a big group of 4.


Hermes made sense of that his 2 sweethearts at first consented to be amicable with one another in the entire turn of events and he needs Allysyn also in the image.

Hermes further made sense of that his two sweethearts need to concur in light of the fact that they must be companions with Allysyn, however on the off chance that they won’t concur, Allysyn will in any case be in the image notwithstanding.

Hermes said: “… They must be companions. It’s an unquestionable requirement. On the off chance that they disagree, Allysyn is still in the image notwithstanding assuming they concur… ”

Ebuka further asked how is Allysyn still in the image and Hermes said: “Inside the layout to be free even as a group… “