“My wife didn’t choose her parents”: Lee Seung-gi pens a detailed letter defending wife Lee Da-in against character slander

Entertainer Lee Seung-gi took to his Instagram page on April 12, 2023, to transfer an itemized letter tending to different reports and tales encompassing his own life. This remembered his union with Lee Da-for, his quarrel with his previous administration Snare Diversion, and that’s just the beginning. The Mouse entertainer has been engaged with debate and needed to explain the reports through an individual proclamation.

Lee Seung-gi apologized to his fans who were harmed after the report about his significant other’s loved ones. In any case, he protected Lee Da-in, and said:


“My significant other didn’t pick her folks, yet… In any case, how might I say we should separate as a result of her folks’ issue.” Outstandingly, Lee Da-in’s family doesn’t have an extraordinary public standing in Korea and that involved worry for Lee Seung-gi’s fans. They even ventured to send a dissent truck to the entertainer’s then-administration Snare Diversion, showing their dissatisfaction with regards to the relationship.

In any case, worldwide fans were moved by the way that Lee Seung-gi wrote down an individual letter safeguarding his significant other Lee Da-in, and safeguarding the holiness of their relationship.

While the Instagram post is a nitty gritty one resolving many issues relating to Lee Seung-gi’s life, the entertainer’s clarification in regards to union with Lee Da-in was quite possibly of the most looked for one.

Like Lee Seung-gi, Lee Da-in is an entertainer and performer. She is the little girl of entertainer Kyeon Mi-ri. She triumphed ultimately her last name from her stepfather Lee Hong-heon, who embraced her and her sister Lee Yu-bi, additionally an entertainer, subsequent to wedding their mom in 1998.

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in affirmed they were seeing someone May 2021 and wedded right around two years after the fact on April 7, 2023. Notwithstanding, the marriage has been in the information for every one of some unacceptable reasons and the Drifter star at long last volunteered to dispel any confusion encompassing his significant other and her loved ones.

The entertainer apologized to his long-term fans for causing them burden. He even uncovered that even his nearby colleagues, proposed he part ways with her as the relationship was hurting his public picture.

Notwithstanding, Lee Seung-gi chose to remain by Lee Da-in’s side, unaffected by the debate encompassing her day to day life. Moreover, he additionally shut down hypotheses about the wedding presents and complimentary cash the couple got from companions and colleagues. He said that he and Lee Da-in have chosen to set up a help store for oppressed youngsters.

He closed the letter by expressing that the malevolent articles encompassing the couple’s marriage were dampening to the love birds. He said that was the explanation he chose to pen a nitty gritty post and address however many issues as he might in an individual Instagram at any point post.

At last, he requested that fans look after him and Lee Da-in affectionately and give their gifts to the couple. Intrigued fans can peruse the letter on the entertainer’s very own Instagram ID – leeseunggi. official.

Lee Da-in’s family has a disputable picture in South Korea and for that reason Lee Seung-gi’s fans and close colleagues believed him should part ways with her.

The Sweethearts’ notoriety entertainer’s stepfather Lee Hong-heon, was accused of stock control and insider exchanging. This made numerous families either fail or experience major monetary misfortunes.

Following their wedding, Lee Da-in’s mom, Kyeon Mi-ri, declared that she will give every one of the complimentary gifts and cash from the couple’s wedding to an admirable mission, rankling fans. Fans accepted that it is the couple’s choice concerning how to manage their cash and gifts.

Koreans are not attached to the Lee family’s extreme way of life and the way that they have sidestepped covering their duties, which, is viewed as unlawful.

Thus, at the hour of their dating news, the Mouse entertainer’s Korean fanbase had sent a dissent truck encouraging him to cut off his friendship with the entertainer because of her stepfather’s monetary extortion. Nonetheless, the entertainer didn’t do that and he and the entertainer are joyfully hitched.