Naija Star Search: Contestants Dazzle As Competition Enters Pair Battle

Episode six of Naija Star Search carried another wind to the opposition as the pair fight stage started off. The gathering period of the opposition finished last week with the ousting of Thekhaleed and Esjay.

The pair fight stage started on Sunday and saw the hopefuls perform contemporary Naija tunes two by two. Additionally, the implement of expulsion from the show has traded hands from the audience to the adjudicators as the music ability chase show hits up to find who turns into the following whiz.

The opposition bit by bit becomes fiercer as the most vulnerable in each group goes waiting on the post trial process and afterward conceivable removal. At this stage, every episode turns into a tough situation for the challengers to release their secret inventiveness or leave the stage.

Eventually, Skyffy, eMzez, Denerio, TOMs, Jaydboy, and MB Dre were chosen by the adjudicators for probation. On Sunday, four will be removed.

Vocalist Uwale Okoro, otherwise known as Embodiment, made a visitor appearance on the show, introducing Denerio and Skimzo to join her in performing one of her works of art, ‘Facebook Love’,

Naija Star Search airs each Sunday at 8 pm on the accompanying StarTimes channels: ST Nollywood Also, ST Nollywood, and ST Yoruba.