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Nathan Valencia was a youthful junior understudy at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

The shocking occurrence occurred in an off-grounds occasion among University understudies where a foundation fight was coordinated.

It had been a conventional sort of thing in the school for as far back as a long time however this year, it was somewhat unique.

A few realities are uncovered with regards to the occasion which shows how the security conventions were not followed and the dangers were not limited.

The individual who succumbed to the remissness was Valencia. He lied oblivious from the mind wounds he looked from the punches and at last died three days after the fact in the medical clinic.

Indeed, the youthful understudy Nathan Valencia was a Filipino.

He was a Filipino-American understudy learning at the University of Nevada.

Valencia was born to his folks Cynthia and Michael Valencia.

Looking as an untouchable, it seems as though his dad Michael has a place of Filipino plunge however the real subtleties are not uncovered.

Not a lot about the family foundation was uncovered because of protection reasons.

Nathan Valencia’s demise cause was the mind wounds that he experienced an uncontrolled foundation fight.

The occasion was directed on November 19 as a foundation program. It was not whenever such an occasion first was directed in the off-grounds rules.

However, the security measures were not followed this time. The family and the legal advisors said that there were no wellbeing units and not so much as an expert arbitrator at the fight.

There used to be proficient refs and judges in the past forms however this year, the ref and the adjudicators were from among the society.

They were intoxicated and didn’t have the foggiest idea when to stop and went to proceed with the battle.

After the three-round sharing of punches, Nathan fell oblivious yet the wellbeing conventions didn’t show up even following 15 minutes.

Three days after the occurrence, Nathan died in a close by clinic because of a cerebrum injury.

The video of the fight that occurred at UNLV isn’t to be found openly on the media destinations.

There are discusses the occurrence on Reddit however the video couldn’t be found too.

There is no question that the video was out and the terrible occasion was obviously discernible. Yet, presently it seems like the recording has been eliminated from the destinations.

Nathan was wearing a red-shaded defensive head watch and was in dark shorts in the video.