Netizens React To Joro Olumofin’s List Of Lies Ladies Fall For

Relationship master, Joro Olumofin otherwise called love specialist has taken to online entertainment to uncover the seven kinds of falsehoods Nigerian ladies succumb to which at last lead to shock.

As per the adoration specialist, 98% of Nigerian ladies generally succumb to similar stunt from men. Lie number one is ‘Iyawo wa’, as indicated by Joro, ladies have been served breakfast, lunch and supper due to the zinger.

The second falsehood ladies succumb to is ‘I wish I met you before I met my significant other, the third untruth is ‘I’m extremely poor right now, I contributed. The fourth falsehood is ‘We should perceive how it goes I’m not prepared for a serious relationship in light of catastrophe. The fifth untruth is ‘She is only my companion’. The 6th falsehood is ‘I’m getting a separation. The seventh untruth is ‘Only the tip’.

Netizens Respond To Joro Olumofin’s Rundown Of Falsehoods Ladies Fall For  The rundown by the affection specialist has been gotten with blended responses. While certain ladies concur with him, others requested that he update his library since ladies have moved passed the untruths.

One Fatima composed: This person ought to be safeguarded at all expense

One Joannwrote: Even young lady’s when dey 15 nor dey succumb to these kinds of untruths any longer. Nah cash makes them dey acknowledge not the untruths brother

One Beauty composed: You see that she’s simply a companion nothing serious while drs sumfin is serious continuing

One Benny composed: If u still dey succumb to am ur case unique

One expectation composed: Particularly that number two. E dey grows individual head well. Werey orientation

One Uncle Muri composed: I no wan check am I no wan know, any untruth way ladies dey succumb to  since the one way I lie yesterday wear put charging for my head.

One Benson composed: Brain you ladies dint succumb to ‘ simply the tip, they believed you should put all that is the explanation they let you in when you say the tip haha.

One wendy Okorie composed: Am dependably a survivor of 3 and 4… I guarantee e dey torment.

One Ayoola composed: You see that number 7? Each woman has been there… expert, all things considered.

One Marv composed: Which young lady dey succumb to this babble… Even unintelligent young ladies would succumb to this?  One Haymur composed: This man is never again part of us the “brother”. See the manner in which he recently cast “brother codes” at any rate. Junk.

Joro Olumofin exhorts single men

Kemi Filani news reviews that the affection specialist encouraged single men to move forward their game. As indicated by him, most ladies like to date wedded men as side chics as opposed to seek after a committed relationship with an unhitched male.

He underscored the post further by expressing that most hitched men guarantee responsibility, are liberal, mature, and mindful, and they generally support their sweetheart’s business.

He further expressed that wedded men take part in proficient discussion rather than single men, who are constantly keen on sex and request cash from their lady friends.