New Zealand Apii Nicholls Pualau Is Also A Police Constable, Quick Facts To Know

Rugby player Apii Nicholls-Pualau wedded her accomplice, Harry Noa Pualau, in September 2016. Her companion is a performer who performs with the band Brotherhood Musiq.

All things considered, the brotherhood band is a gathering of skilled youthful brothers who are influencing the music world. They have around 7.34K YouTube supporters and 23K Instagram devotees.

Apii’s reality is a long way from the music business, as she has sought after a profession as a rugby player who likewise is an individual from the New Zealand Police Division.

Nicholls-Paulau, who joined the Otahuhu Panthers in the Auckland Rugby Association in 2017, was named to New Zealand’s group for the deferred 2021 Ladies’ Rugby Association World Cup last month in Britain.

Apii Nicholls Accomplice Harry Noa Pualau: A Performer  Apii Nicholls’ accomplice Harry Nao Paulau, is a vocalist/performer who performs cover melodies and has performed at a few live shows and live performances.  As indicated by a Facebook post by the Apii’s mom, Louisa Apii Teiti, the pair wedded on September 13, 2016. Nicholls might be found in the following photograph wearing a marriage outfit and standing near Harry and their families.

Her Facebook profile likewise demonstrates that she has a child named Siona, 11, born on November 11, 2013.

However they don’t distribute a lot of about their relationship via web-based entertainment, they were located visiting their families’ burial ground on December 26, 2017.

Apii Nicholls Family Hails From New Zealand  Apii Nicholls-Pualau has successfully taken care of and adjusted her family and expert obligations. She is hitched and has a 11-year-old youngster who just praised his eleventh birthday celebration.  As far as her family, she was born to her folks in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, New Zealand. Her mom, Louisa Apii Teiti, worked at Sutton Gathering, moved on from Nukutere School, and has a brother named Ernest Nicholls.

Then again, her parents in law (Harry Noa’s folks), Harry and Isapela Ofa Pualau, are from Auckland, New Zealand. Her significant other has three kin, two brothers, Matthew and AJ, and a sister.

Conversely, Matthew Paulau went to Papatoetoe Secondary School and is a previous Air New Zealand gear controller. He and the other two Paulau brothers are the originators behind Brotherhood Musiq.

Ten Realities To Be familiar with New Zealand Rugby Player Apii Nicholls   Apii Nicholls was born on the Cook Islands’ Rarotonga to guardians Louisa Apii Teiti. She likewise has a brother named Ernest Nicholls.
Nicholls’ mom, Louis, worked at Sutton Gathering and moved on from Nukutere School.  New Zealand Apii Nicholls Pualau wedded her significant other, Harry Nao Paulau, on September 2016.  The couple is likewise the guardians of a child name Siona, who turned 11 on November 11, 2022.  Her companion, Harry, is a performer with Brotherhood Musiq, a gathering of gifted youthful brothers becoming famous in the music business.  Harry Nao was born to his folks, Harry and Isapela Ofa Pualau. He has two brothers, Mathew and AJ Paulau, and a sister. Apii’s brother-in-regulation, Matthew Paulau, is a previous Air New Zealand things transporter who went to Papatoetoe Secondary School. She got the NZRL Ladies’ Player of the Year grant on February 11, 2018. Nicholls-Pualau was a piece of the New Zealand group that won the 2019 Rugby Association World Cup 9s in October.  She was decided to address New Zealand at the delayed 2021 Ladies’ Rugby Association World Cup in Britain in October 2022.