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Alcatraz jail saw one of the most scandalous jail breaks ever in 1962. John Anglin and Clarence Anglin otherwise known as Anglin Brothers were the detainees answered to have circumvented during the mid 1960s.

While the police trusted the escapees to have died as they need to defeat the watery end which was beyond difficult, came to comprehend in 2013 with regards to their endurance when John composed a proper letter to the San Francisco Police Department.

Nicholas Widner has an association with all of this. Look down to ability. Nicholas Widner was a child of a creator David Widner who died on September 8, 2015. In the mean time, David is a nephew of Alcatraz jail escapees John Anglin and Clarence Anglin.

Nicholas’ passing was uncovered by his dad by means of a Facebook post later the arrival of the Anglin Brother’s narrative ‘Alcatraz: Search for the Truth’. The subtleties of his eulogy couldn’t be found via web-based media. His entombment service isn’t uncovered also.

Nicholas was 17. He was born on January 2, 1998. Presently, aside from a comfortable relationship with Anglin Brothers, Nicholas and John had a similar destiny of being determined to have disease. Be that as it may, John’s exact ailment isn’t known.

Anglin Brothers were the effective Alcatraz escapees in 1962 and are accepted to be dead at this point. John’s letter from 2013 uncovered that his brother Clarence and break accomplice Frank Morris had as of now died in 2005 and 2008.

John, who was in appalling shape subsequent to being experienced disease, is expected to have died also. He had offered an arrangement to the experts in 2013 expressing that he will get 1-year in jail and he requested clinical help with return.

Anglin’s nephew David communicated alarm towards the experts for keeping the letter mysterious from the family in spite of being familiar with John’s sickness. John and Clarence were shot in Brazil 13 years later their vanishing. David’s grandma was uncovered to get roses for quite some time later the getaway.

Nicholas Widner died of osteosarcoma. He was determined to have bone malignant growth who had battled for a significant stretch of time. Widner died on September 8, 2015, at 17 years old.