Nicki Minaj Threatens To Sue Blogger Over Claims She Is Using Drug

Nicki Minaj is removing a page from Cardi B’s book as she uncovers that she intends to sue a blogger who guaranteed she was on drugs.

Nicki Minaj has been yelling on her Queen Radio show since Sunday night and has gone on with her obscure subtweets on Monday, however her fans are unraveling all that is occurring, and the alleged blogger she intends to sue is supposedly Jason Lee, who has apparently answered on Twitter.

Minaj tweeted on Monday evening that she has addressed her legal counselor about a case that she was a cocaine client. She shared a prior tweet where she said her fans had gathered data demonstrating that the then-anonymous blogger had offered terrible remarks about her.

“The Barbz sent organizers and envelopes brimming with proof to my attorney. That is the reason I fkng love my children to such an extent. I trust when you fail that you can essentially say it was all worth the effort,” Minaj composed.

She likewise dropped another tweet that had a screen capture of a Twitter connect and a message to her legal counselor.


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Barbie (@nickiminaj)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The message to the attorney read, “I’ve never done cocaine in my life and that can be tried through my hair. My hair is long. I need to sue this lady immediately,” the message to the lawyer read.

In the tweet for the screen capture, Minaj implied that she wanted to document a criticism claim against a couple of individuals yet she named no possible litigants.

“I just sent it to my attorney. Thanks barbz. She wasn’t a piece of the maligning suit however presently she is. Mannnn I love you all soooo much folks much obliged. Presently go inquire as to whether they want to test their hair for cocaine also in the meantime. Bwahahahahahahahahaa WOO WEE!!!!!” she composed.

In later tweets, Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee answered straightforwardly to Minaj as he promised to safeguard himself and furthermore barbecue Minaj on questions he as far as anyone knows has for her.

“I invite any claim since I haven’t had the option to get a meeting with her. So I’ll have the option to dismiss her posing every one of the inquiries I’ve at any point needed to be aware and I will deliver everything on my foundation,” Lee said.

Prior, Lee had reposted a remark on his feed that said, “Lmfaoooo ITS GIVING COKE.” After Minaj’s tweet, he stated, “Preparing my Deposition list in the event haha. This will be epic.”


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Barbie (@nickiminaj)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Lee, who is known as a dearest companion of Cardi B, who is notable as Minaj’s foe, likewise told wisecracks about the possible suit. “Everyone coming to court haha. Plllleeeeaaaaaase document it! Ensure you look adorable. #RICO,” he said.

Lee and Minaj’s fans have been in conflict for a surprisingly long time now. The blogger has had bits of gossip made up about him that he was a pedophile, and he has, thusly, been scathing about his sentiments towards Minaj and her fan base.

“Btw, that tweet saying I flew a 17-year-old out and had him in a club in LA on May 21st is a joke. I was in New York with an entire Nigga haha. Here is the receipt. The pedophile you’re discussing is Nicki’s brother haha. Will we continue to play,” he wrote in an August 25 tweet.