Nigerians Have Taken To Social Media To Berate Kemu Olunloyo

Nigerians have taken to online entertainment to upbraid Kemi Olunloyo after she guaranteed late Airhead Martins and IVD were never hitched legitimately or in a Congregation.

Kemi Olunloyo shared a photograph of the couple and expressed, “#BREAKING Late Abimbola Martins and Darrius Ogbonna were NEVER legitimately hitched in a court or church wedding. They just had a presentation. A great many people around them had no clue about that they were just living together and had 5 kids all the while.”

This comes after she labeled the late Airhead as a persistent medication fiend.

Nigerians reproach Kemi

Responding to her story, Nigerians took to the remark area to reproach Kemi Olunloyo and blame her for being paid to cause harm control for IVD.

One Obiageli_viirtue remarked, “If genuinely as you guarantee that you are doing this for analytical purposes why sell things that main sully the appearance of the departed accordingly making the man look guiltless and perfect? All things considered you are paid for this and this goes quite far to show the sort of lady you are..”

One Olayemii expressed, “Aunt Kemi with 5kids they don’t require court “eni ti o ba bi omo Kan, discuss of 5 fun eyan ti Kuro ni lager eni’. It is well.”

Another client remarked, “Presently I don’t fault her 😳 reasons she can’t leave with 5 children without taking nothing 😳 in the event that she doesn’t battle for herself who will 😩. God will support her family and accompany her children”

Essentialssylvia stated, “Dr Kemi sad to say since the passing of this lady your point since you have been talking I don’t have any idea where or what u are attempting to say like are u saying that Mrs airhead has the right to die or ivd made the best choice by killing his better half or somewhere in the vicinity, I don’t have the foggiest idea. whether they are legitimately or in-lawfully hitched that is the not d primary concern nw pls… .. we should ivd face the judgment so she can Find happiness in the hereafter in light of the fact that as of now I don’t have the foggiest idea what point you are attempting to make I don’t get it… .either airhead is this sanctum airhead is that… .. the fact of the matter is if genuinely ivd killed that lady let him face the judgment… .. not this one’s we are talking various things as though that is d fundamental arrangement right nw… .. now and again we see and knows d truth however yet we attempt to cover it up due to what… .. nw that u are saying she’s not legitimately hitched that implies ivd is guiltless he ought to be free I presume. May God show kindness toward all of us… . Kindly quit expressing genuine things, let the group of d sickness find equity for their dead kid so she can Find happiness in the hereafter”

How Airhead died

Kemi Filani news detailed that the fresh insight about Airhead’s demise was reported by her sister Mom Jazz on Instagram.

Following a progression of debates that have followed Airhead’s demise, her brother, Oyindamola Martins who has been vocal since her passing nitty gritty what happened between his late sister and IVD.

He said;

“At the point when he blew up and he was attempting to search for the vulcanizer. Before she could lock the entire entryways he got the papers back from her and she was frantic she was like pinnacle since na our main property this makes two of us kukuma leave with nothing then she began to lit the floor. Furthermore, it was lamp oil, not even petroleum. Her children were not there

“She was liting up the entire house, then as indicated by them. This was someone that was frantically enamored with her better half and this isn’t whenever that her significant other first also has compromised himself On the off chance that she doesn’t return, I think she presumably anticipated that he should say truly do am or no do am.

“Then, at that point, when she did it she presently halted for some time and she strolled round the house, him he was not uttering a word he resembled on the off chance that you wan die, d**. Then, at that point, I think she light up the drape and it was consuming they were currently hauling. She presently jacked him like omo… you go give me this paper today, then him pushing her off his body got her into the shade.

Oyindamola additionally noticed his late sister got scorched while her better half watched and sat idle. He fled when they got a medical clinic that consented to treat her.