Nobody Can Frighten Me.” Blessing CEO Vows

Favoring President, a relationship mentor and specialist, has kept on going after her naysayers.

Oneself declared specialist, whose record was handicapped following her stunning disclosure about VIP vehicle seller, IVD, and his late spouse, Airhead, has made another one.

Favoring President reaffirmed on her Instagram story that she isn’t withdrawing from the situation.

No one, as indicated by the mother of two, can threaten her.

“I will lock my new page soon.” Wherever there’s a terrible beauty. It’s not possible for anyone to scares me.”

As indicated by news reports, Gift overwhelmed online entertainment subsequent to spilling insider facts about IVD and his late spouse, Airhead. Oneself declared relationship master took to Instagram to uncover new data about late Airhead Ogbonna and her significant other, IVD, trying to defend himself after the police accused him of aggressive behavior at home.

Favoring, who has been straightforward about the situation, has shared receipts and proof to discredit IVD’s cases that he truly attacked and killed his significant other.

She uncovered how the departed’s family was battling for IVD’s fortune. As per her, the late Airhead’s family, especially her senior sister, Mom Jazz, is after IVD’s properties and life.

Individuals who realized the couple knew that Airhead was brutal. As indicated by the relationship master, the departed broke a jug on her better half’s head consistently.