Nobody Sprayed Me Money At My Birthday Party Last Year, So This Year No Party – Taymesan

Entertainer, brand powerhouse, and media character Taymesan has ventured forward to share his arrangements for his birthday festivity this year.

The entertainer guaranteed via online entertainment that nobody gave him cash at the party he facilitated last year when he was 26 years of age. He further revealed that they were talking with each other instead of splashing him with cash.

Taymesan said that he would be going on an outing as opposed to facilitating a get-together to mark his birthday today in light of the fact that the money he used to praise his 25th birthday celebration last year caused him monetary difficulty.

The content maker likewise brought up that it was in January he wrapped up paying all the cash that he spent for his last birthday celebration. Thus this year, individualsought to simply send him dollars.

Temisan Emmanuel turned out to be notable in the wake of sending off the web with his Tea with Tay series, a tomfoolery and carefree brief video sharing individual encounters on Facebook.

He has acted in various movies and television creations, including Brilliant Cash Lady, Visa On Appearance, and Destiny of Alakada.