Nollywood Actress And Filmmaker Chiamaka Ugoo Has Also Reacted To The Death Of Bimbo

Nollywood entertainer and producer Chiamaka Ugoo has additionally responded to the passing of Airhead Ogbonna, spouse of Ikechukwu Ogbonna, the superstar vehicle vendor also called IVD.

Review that Airhead’s passing comes in the midst of cases of aggressive behavior at home in their marriage.

In 2019, Airhead blamed the money manager for attacking her for a very long time.

In any case, after a year, IVD made light of bits of gossip about a crack in their marriage. He likewise shared a video that they had accommodated.

It is perceived that a new show began on Wednesday after the couple were said to have had a warmed a conflict.

During the supposed squabble, a fire was said to have destroyed their home in Megamound Domain, Lekki, Lagos, leaving IVD’s better half seriously harmed.

Responding to this Chiamaka Ugoo uncovered that her man has never and won’t ever undermine her.

The Nollywood maker went further to express that she can swear with her life to depict her man’s constancy to their relationship.

Chiamaka Ugoo expressed: “Subsequent to perusing every one of the difficult and terrifying things about certain connections throughout the end of the week

I, a flawed little kid with an ideal God favored her with a man that is near being great. This buddy has more than everything necessary to be a womanizer, yet, I can swear with my life that he has not taken a gander at another lady not to discuss cheating.”