North Carolina Woman Prints Resume On Cake for Nike Job Application


A woman has gone viral after going above and beyond in a sweet and creative way for a potential open position.

Karly Pavlinac Blackburn, 27, of North Carolina as of late sent her resume to Nike — on a cake.

Blackburn, who states on her professional page that she is right now seeking a task in item marketing, brand managing or development marketing, shared her exceptional story on LinkedIn.

After learning that Nike was holding a celebration for JDI (Do what needs to be done) Day, she began brainstorming how to get a consumable cake with her resume on it from North Carolina to Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Mineral.

Blackburn wound up getting help from Instacart conveyance driver Denise Baldwin.

“I talked to Denise on the phone and she said to me, ‘Karly I realize this is important to you, and I will take the necessary steps to get this cake to where it should be,'” Blackburn wrote in her post.
“At the point when Denise was asked to leave the cake on the table at the front work area she said, ‘no, I really want to see this go in their hands.

I promised Karly I would get this cake to the perfect person,'” Blackburn said. “Denise navigated the Nike campus, all while having a sleeping kid in one arm and a ½ sheet cake in the other.”

Once the task was finished, Blackburn learned that her determination and creativity motivated the woman who helped her.

“Regardless assuming I find a new line of work at Nike, the best thing to hear that day was Denise saying, ‘You have inspired me.

This was meant to be. I’m a mother and I’m burnt out on doing Instacart. I realize I have more abilities and qualifications to get something better.’

I’m so glad this worked for the two of us,” Blackburn noted.

“Delivering the cake that day inspired one person. And maybe this post will inspire more. Helping individuals realize their potential is what I love to do.

At the day’s end there’s no need to focus on the cake at all,” Blackburn said. “It is about making things happen and taking a chance fresh. Denise did it.

She took the necessary steps to assist me with getting that cake to Nike. And that is what I do. This is the reason I’m not quite the same as the pack.”

Thousands of individuals have seen and remarked on Blackburn’s post after reading her story.

“This post made me misty. It’s an inspiring tale of wild determination, collaboration and the strength of the human soul,” one analyst composed. “At the point when you hold a vision and you simply keep at it come what may, the pieces fall into place as they ought to.”

“I love this!” another prominent. “Thank you for sharing and what a creative idea!” Blackburn’s efforts have paid off — and she has already connected with a business at Nike, according to Today.

“I have a couple of meetings one week from now, so that’s exciting,” she said. “Since this has happened, there are a lot of companies that are kind of involved in the process. So I’m simply trying to sort out where I fit in, what’s the right fit culture-wise, and a company that has a decent mission and is doing something great within their item, however for other individuals.”