Notorious Kidnapper “Lion” Spotted In The Church Pouring Out His Soul During Worship


An image of famous hijacker “Lion” admitting his spirit while going to chapel has surfaced.

An image of a notorious ruffian referred to just as Lion showing up in chapel love before long seemed web-based after the police secured him.

Recollect how the Bayelsa local who gloats of his abundance online met his downfall on account of the police during his latest activity in Abuja?

Following the insight about his capture, Specialist Penking, a notable Twitter force to be reckoned with, posted an image of him sharing his spirit during love at a faith gathering on the web.

As per Penking, the people who visit houses of worship looking for “God Dreading Men” ought to know that not every person answers treatment in a congregation setting, like a medical clinic.

“For those of you who go to chapel to search for “God Dreading Man”, know that the congregation is very much like the clinic.- Not every person is answering treatment.

Crying during love doesn’t make somebody sacred. This is Lyon the Ruffian who torments, damages and kills Nigerians.”