NXIVM Co-Founder Nancy Salzman Says She Was Wrong About Keith Raniere in New ‘Vow’ Trailer

NXIVM prime ally Nancy Salzman is at the point of convergence of the full-length trailer for the HBO real bad behavior docuseries, The Commitment, which gets back with season 2 in October. Standing up strangely on the series, she surrenders she was “misguided” about coordinator Keith Raniere, who was condemned on charges for sex managing and interest after his wellbeing pack was uncovered to be a sex religion and Ponzi plan.

“Going into this, I thought Keith was faultless. I was misguided,” Salzman says, uncovering that “my whole association was obliterated and my whole life fell apart.”


Despite Raniere, who was sentenced to 120 years in prison, Salzman was similarly condemned on different charges of stunt for her relationship in the affiliation. In September 2021, she was sentenced to 42 months in prison and a $150,000 fine, and in February 2022, she began serving out her time in a restorative office at a prison in West Virginia.

In the trailer, she in like manner attests that “17,000 people got extraordinary results,” before inquisitive, “where are they?” The recording then, at that point, cuts to shots of various NXIVM partners, including Allison Mack’s ex, Nicki Clyne, plunking down on camera, presumably to stay aware of their continued with dedication to Raniere and the social occasion.

According to HBO, The Responsibility Part II is “set against the foundation of the public authority fundamental of The US against Keith Raniere…

It follows the legal and significant outings of the social occasion’s coordinators, partners and turncoats as new evidence and stunning divulgences become known, while regulatory inspectors and security attorneys battle with confining viewpoints on value for a circumstance caught in the public spotlight.”

Covering the genuine repercussions that followed the loss of NXIVM, the trailer similarly shows film of Mack’s fundamental, which achieved the past Smallville performer surrendering to various charges and getting a sentence of three years in prison.

The Responsibility Part II introductions Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Max, with new episodes seeming a large number of weeks on Mondays.