Ock Joo-hyun Was Said To Drop Her Lawsuit Against Kim Ho-Young

The proceeding with outrage in the South Korean melodic turn between Ock Joo-hyun and Kim Ho-youthful has taken an unforeseen, and many expectation, last turn after the previous released a proper expression of remorse to other melodic entertainers and fans.

The episode started not long after the projecting for the approaching melodic Elizabeth was uncovered. Ock Joo-hyun and Lee Ji-hye have been given a role as the lead of the play, which will mark its 10th commemoration in Korea. Numerous melodic venue fans were shocked by the decision and inquired as to why the job didn’t go to Kim So-hyun, who played Elizabeth in 2015 and 2018.


Different entertainers in the business favored one side, with various safeguarding either group. Kim Ho-youthful posted on Instagram, it was inappropriate to suggest that anything.

He appeared to address Ock Joo-hyun by expressing, “At this moment, the melodic world is unadulterated jade disorder.”

The entertainer’s remark maddened Ock Joo-hyun, who instantly sent off a criticism activity against him. The grating between the two entertainers and the melodic business has been at a record-breaking high from that point forward. A lot more entertainers and specialists, eminently 2AM part Jo Kwon, have stood in opposition to melodic business bias. Accordingly, a conciliatory sentiment was given.

Ock Joo-Hyun will drop her grumbling against Kim Ho-youthful. On June 24, Fin. previous K.L’s lead vocalist put out a proper expression of remorse on her Instagram page, addressing it to entertainers and fans. The entertainer started her expressions of remorse by surrendering that her criticism claim against Kim Ho-youthful was “ugly.” She said,

“I as of late got entangled in an obscure projecting occurrence and wound up acting in an uncalled-for way by suing a melodic industry partner. I acknowledge full liability regarding my awful judgment and submissively apologize.

Considering current events, I have perused the expressions of blame provided by the sunbaenims of this area. As somebody who appreciates musicals and has worked in the calling for a long time, I perceive that my work to make sense of the charges evened out against me was ill bred.”

Ock Joo-hyun apologized to everybody participated in the business as well as his fans in general. “I’d need to utilize this valuable chance to communicate my sincere conciliatory sentiments to everybody engaged with the melodic calling, to the audiences who have fun, and to anyone who has been disturbed because of these events. I desire to rapidly address the rambunctious issues produced by my case.”


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Nonetheless, the melodic entertainer paused for a minute to underscore unequivocally that she was not taken part in the decision of Elizabeth and didn’t lean toward Lee Ji-hye in any way. Ock Joo-hyun encouraged the audience not to permit the debate influence their judgment of the business’ splendid entertainers.

“I’d need to explain unequivocally that I had no association in the projecting of the melodic ‘Elizabeth’ for its 10th commemoration. Kindly don’t point your fury against entertainers and entertainers who were picked for their capacities after thorough tryouts.”

Around the same time, a specialist for the entertainer reported that Ock Joo-hyun expected to leave her activity against the Pegasus Market entertainer. The two will resolve the question casually, without the intercession of an official courtroom.