Off-duty police officer allegedly punches Jennifer Rourke during Roe v Wade rally


Jennifer Rourke, a 40-year-old contender for the Rhode Island State Senate, was supposedly gone after by an off the clock cop at a favorable to decision rally on Friday to fight the Supreme Court’s choice to upset Roe v. Swim.

Jennifer Rourke, who is likewise the executive of the Rhode Island Political Cooperative, said she was gone after on the grounds that she talked at a favorable to decision rally where Democrats were fighting the Supreme Court’s choice to upset Roe v. Swim, a 50-year-old regulation that gave government early termination freedoms. Rourke posted a video of the supposed assault on Saturday morning. She said she was gone after on the grounds that she talked at the assembly.

I work for regenerative privileges and am running for the State Senate. After I talked at our Roe rally the previous evening, my Republican rival, a cop, went after me fiercely.

The Washington Post says that Lugo was not on the job at that point and was essential for a gathering that was counter-fighting for life. State Police told the Press on Saturday in a news discharge that Jeann Lugo was accused of basic attack and tumultuous direct.

Reactions to the supposed assault on Jennifer Rourke After the assault, both the Providence State Police and Jeann Lugo addressed the Press. Despite the fact that Lugo is a cop, the police division said in a public statement that they would be really difficult on him.

Jeann Lugo likewise gave his side of the story in a meeting with the Providence Journal. Yet, he said he won’t reject that he punched somebody. He said he had no real option except to utilize brutality on the grounds that the supportive of decision dissidents were going after others.

In a different meeting with the Providence Journal, Jennifer Rourke concurred with the story that Lugo had told. Rourke said that she had conversed with another Republican counter-dissident just before the alleged battle, and that individual had consented to calmly leave.

Jennifer Rourke said that Lugo went after her when she was attempting to get the primary counter-dissenter to leave. She said: Jennifer Rourke had a CT check on Saturday evening to sort out how terrible her wounds were. She let the press know that her wounds were not really awful, yet that she actually had a few injuries.