Ohio Newlywed Allegedly Killed by Machete-Wielding Man While Working at Dollar Tree: ‘Beautiful Soul’


A youthful Ohio lady who had gotten hitched in October was killed on New Year’s Day by a cleaver employing man who came into the Dollar Tree store where she was working, say police.

On Sunday at 4:25 p.m., love bird Keris Riebel, 22, was in the store at 1120 Wyandot Rd. in Upper Sandusky when a man distinguished as Bethel Bekele, 27, supposedly came in waving a cleaver, Upper Sandusky Police said in an explanation. Bekele supposedly “moved toward Riebel and hit her various times with the cleaver,” police said.


Officials hustled to the scene subsequent to getting calls that a man with a cleaver was inside the store and had struck a worker, police said. Riebel was dead when officials showed up, the Toledo Cutting edge reports. Officials scanned the region for the suspect, who had run away from the area. They found him in the 100 block of South Fifth Road, police said.

Bekele was in a left vehicle close to the Wyandot Province Sheriff’s Office and given up when officials drew nearer, WCBE reports. He was captured and accused of homicide.

Right now, the thought process is indistinct, police said. Investigators are exploring whether Riebel and Bekele knew one another, 10TV reports. The assault has left the local area shaken.

“It’s frightening to see something like this in Upper Sandusky, in light of the fact that this is a pleasant local area,” occupant Jason Penetrate told 10-television.

romising Future with Spouse ‘Tore Separated’ As police keep on examining, Riebel’s family is lamenting her misfortune.

In a GoFundMe account put in a position to help Riebel’s significant other, Jordan Riebel, with memorial service costs and lost wages to get some much needed rest to lament, his auntie, Golden Geiser, composed that the two “were love birds who had a splendid future in front of them.

“Anybody who met the two could perceive the amount of affection and reverence they possessed for one another,” she composed.

“Keris was a delightful soul and any individual who met her would agree that how sweet and kind she was,” she composed.

Riedel had quite recently moved on from school with a Four year certification in HR. “She was anticipating beginning her vocation,” she composed.

“Jordan and Keris were likewise anticipating having kids and most as of late a little dog and beginning their new coexistences,” she said. However, their future “was torn separated from the two of them in no time.” Wynford Neighborhood Schools, from which Riebel had graduated in 2019, referred to her as “a wonderful soul, with a confidence filled heart.

She oozed certified consideration to everybody she met and her grin was remarkable. Keris was taken way too early and will everlastingly live in the hearts of the Wynford People group.”

It is hazy whether Bekele has entered a request or held a lawyer who can talk for his benefit.