Okon Lagos Defines An ‘enabler Of Crime’, Chides Frank Ufomadu For Linking Sale Of Comedy With Kidnapping

Cleric Ime, expertly known as Okon Lagos, a famous Nigerian comic, has characterized who an empowering influence of wrongdoing is, while guaranteeing that there is no connection between the offer of humor and seizing.

Recollect how he got into a battle with producer Frank Ufomadu over his remarks castigating ladies who don’t get some information about their pay?


Okon concurred with artist Paul Okoye, otherwise known as Rudeboy, that most young ladies neglect to ask about their sweethearts’ types of revenue and on second thought spend the cash they give them.

As indicated by Okon, ladies who spend hoodlums’ cash are empowering influences and accessories who ought to be dealt with similarly with the lawbreaker.

Frank contradicted Okon, expressing that performers who coordinate shows and charge N5/N10 million for table tickets neglect to ask what the people who pay for these tables accomplish professionally for them to spend such a sum just to watch them perform.

Okon answered, and they had a concise trade. The comic turned-entertainer has now shared another post in which he demands that there is no association between the offer of humor and abducting.

Okon characterizes an empowering influence of wrongdoing as “somebody who benefits from unconfirmed and problematic monetary sources without putting forth any attempt to disassociate from, uncover, or right such a source.”