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Olga Sharif, Sara’s mom, communicated her sorrow at her girl’s passing and her craving for equity.

On August 10, 2023, 10-year-old Sara Sharif was found dead.


Specialists were shocked by the minuscule young lady’s rehashed and serious wounds after some time.

The UK police have recognized 41-year-old Urfan Sharif as the individual they need to converse with about a homicide request.

In any case, distressed about the miserable occasion, Sara’s mom pushed Urfan, Sara’s dad and ex, to make sense of.

The instance of the 10-year-old has drawn a ton of public interest. The subject of the present post is Olga Sharif, the mother of Sara Sharif, who is bemoaning the misfortune and calling for equity for her esteemed little girl.

Olga Sharif: Who Is She? Wikipedia: Sara Sharif’s mom’s age
Sara Sharif, a 10-year-old young lady, was found dead at her dad’s home last Thursday. Her mom is Olga Sharif.

There are a great deal of people scanning Wikipedia for data on Sara Sharif and her mom. It ought to be featured, by the by, that not a solitary one of them has a particular Wikipedia article.

Olga Sharif is 37 years of age starting around 2023; she was born in Poland in 1987. Olga, the mother of Sara Sharif, was raised as a Catholic.

Olga Sharif asserted that in November 2009, she marry her ex Urfan Sharif.

However, their marriage was brief. 2017 saw the separation of Sara Sharif’s folks following eight years of marriage.

Sara and her 13-year-old brother are Olga Sharif’s two kids, and her ex was conceded full guardianship of them. Olga was simply allowed to see her kids two times after the result of the guardianship question.

Three people are the objective of a manhunt that has been started by specialists notwithstanding their examination. Notwithstanding, they stress that they have escaped the country.

For a considerable length of time, Olga Sharif had not seen her little girl
Olga Sharif said that she had not seen Sara Sharif in that frame of mind during a meeting with The Sun.

Ms. Sharif was making a trip back to Poland when she got the call making her aware of her girl’s passing.

At the point when they let me know Sara had been found dead in a home, I started sobbing right once, Olga said. Her process back to the UK required six hours.

“I couldn’t see my little girl for quite some time, and she died away as of late. She was not so old. As per Olga Shariff, “She did nothing out of sorts.

Moreover, the devastated mother said that when her late little girl moved home with her dad and his impact over her developed, her lead changed fundamentally.

Olga’s legacy is Catholic, as was recently settled. Ms. Sharif said, “They wouldn’t eat specific food varieties since they are not halal,” in a similar meeting with The Sun.

Oga expressed that Urfan, her ex, had illuminated her that their youngsters would be Muslims, yet she answered, “No, they would find out about the two religions.”

It was not my aim to force the children. I let them know that assuming they so needed, they might choose to change over completely to Islam further down the road,” Olga said.

As indicated by reports, stresses for Sara’s prosperity incited the specialists to be called to the home where her demise was found a week ago.

To figure out how her loved girl died, the deprived mother is currently anticipating the discoveries of the posthumous report. Olga likewise plans to cover Sara’s remaining parts in Poland, where she was born.