Olivia Rodrigo Slams The Five Members Of The Supreme Court For Not Giving ‘A Sh*t About Freedom’

Olivia Rodrigo is “squashed” and “frightened” after the High Court of the US (SCOTUS) upset Roe v. Swim, limiting early terminations.

The singer stopped briefly during her set at Glastonbury Celebration in Britain to address the matter. Rodrigo did craftsman Lily Allen to sing her well known track “F**k You”, committing it to the five people from the High Court-Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh.


Talking about the change, the “Incomparable 4 u” craftsman advised the High Court Judges that “such endless ladies and young women will kick the container thusly.”

The gathering rooted for the side of Rodrigo’s shots at the Unified State’s most essential court, who, she says “showed us constantly’s end they truly don’t offer a sh*t about chance.

Allen sent her own message to SCOTUS by flipping them off.

Before joining Allen for a two section concordance of the cussing tune of commendation, Rodrigo told the Judges, “We can’t handle you.”