One Piece Chapter 1054’s Delay and New Release Date

Made sense of: One Piece Chapter 1054’s Delay and New Release Date The Straw Hats are ready for a new Grand Line experience following Kaido’s loss. We learned in the past part that Shanks and Teach joined Luffy and Buggy to turn into the new Emperors. The Straw Hat Pirates’ chief is currently perhaps of the most needed privateer on the planet after the public authority put a 3 billion berry abundance on his head.

The section likewise uncovered that Kozuki Sukiyaki is as yet alive and that he went through numerous years being held hostage in a chamber. Sukiyaki, nonetheless, considers himself responsible for permitting Orochi to govern the country. We might dare to dream that the manga will ultimately zero in on Momo and Sukiyaki’s relationship since it is obvious that he won’t come clean with Momo.

What’s more, Ryokugyu is moving toward Onigashima and isn’t especially satisfied with Monkey D. Luffy for overcoming Kaido and Big Mom. Each One Piece fan is expecting their experience in part 1054 since Ryokugyu is areas of strength for a who could cause extra trouble for Luffy.

The One Piece being a fan is guessing this end of the week’s arrival of Chapter 1054. The manga is currently on an extended break, so you’ll have to stand by a couple of additional weeks to peruse the impending section. One Piece has completed the Four Emperors Saga, and with Chapter 1054, the story will enter its Final Saga, as per Eiichiro Oda, who made the declaration recently.

To chip away at the last bend, the creator required some time. Oda will likewise utilize the time off to head out to South Africa to administer the shooting of the One Piece true to life series on Netflix.

More: One Piece Anime purportedly plans to suspend Wano Arc in July. From Weekly Shonen Jump issue #30 to issue #33, the manga will not be accessible. Issue #34, scheduled for discharge in Japan on Monday, July 25th, 2022, will contain Chapter 1054. As a result of the time contrast, the delivery date will clearly fluctuate for fans beyond the United States. On July 24, 2022, Viz Media and Manga Plus will make the section accessible for perusing. Luckily, Chapter 1054 spoilers will seem 4-5 days before the section’s true distribution to offer us a see of what’s to come.