Onyinye Okafor says sex-for-role trend, personal choice

Entertainer, Onyinye Okafor, has said the issue of entertainers being approached to give sex in return for film jobs is subject to the decision of the female actor as such doesn’t just occur in Nollywood.

She told Saturday Beats, “I don’t have the foggiest idea why Nollywood issues are being dramatically overemphasized. I know when I completed school, I went to search for a task and the man said, ‘I like you, let me lay down with you, and I will give you the work’. It is all over the place. You as an individual ought to settle on your decision.

“There isn’t a weapon put on your head to acknowledge forcibly. That thing for me is an error; I simply feel it is what you believe should do that you will do.”

The entertainer noticed that there was a development cycle in the business, yet a great many people needed to immediately turn into a star, adding that she followed the interaction.

“I went from one stage to the next. Everything is a continuous cycle, however a large portion of them need to hurriedly be a star. By that, they will be frantic, and when they are frantic, they will commit a ton of errors,” Okafor expressed.

Talking on the thought that most entertainers don’t have any idea how to keep their relationships, she said, “I differ when individuals say entertainers don’t keep their homes; we have a many individuals that are separated, yet they are not entertainers and entertainers. All that an entertainer does is news.

“Certain individuals don’t believe entertainers should have their protection any longer. Assuming that an entertainer is in a home that she isn’t happy with, I don’t figure she ought to remain there in light of the fact that once that entertainer is dead, that is her end.”

Okafor likewise talked about how she adapts to her male admirers, adding that she was not an inconsiderate individual. She said, “Everyone has an admirer, be it a man or a lady. One can’t be everyone’s companion. Some can be typical companions and be non-romantic. I don’t become discourteous aside from assuming the individual is inconsiderate to me, yet on the off chance that the individual is good to me, I will be great.

“There are cutoff points to how I ought to manage a specific individual. I cause the individual to comprehend that we are companions and this ought to be the breaking point. On the off chance that the individual needs something different and I can’t give it, I will tell the individual however I won’t ever be discourteous about it.”

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