Ophthalmologist Shares Shocking Video Removing 23 Contact Lenses from a Patient’s Eye


A California ophthalmologist is specifying the stunning second she eliminated 23 contact focal points from a patient’s eye.

In a now-popular video, Dr. Katarina Kurteeva, an ophthalmologist at California Eye Partners in Newport Ocean side, is seen eliminating a few contact focal points from under the eyelid of a failed to remember patient to eliminate them every day. Kurteeva said the patient came to her with protests of agony and obscured vision.


She said via web-based entertainment that she utilized a careful gadget to eliminate the contacts, which were “basically stuck together subsequent to sitting under the eyelid for a month.” While her patient was “astounded” by the circumstance and doesn’t have any idea how she overlooked so many contact focal points, Kurteeva made sense of for ABC7 how the mishap could happen.

“As you wear contact focal points for a long time, more than 20 to 30 years, our cornea, which is the most delicate piece of the eye, becomes desensitized, which is basically a defensive element in light of the fact that any other way you’d be truly irritated by ordinary contact focal point wear,” she made sense of. “All things considered, it is an unfamiliar body in your eye.”

“So when the cornea loses responsiveness, it’s kind of a change, and yet, you don’t feel when something is truly off-base as intensely,” Kurteeva said, noticing that this case included a senior patient who was encountering a ton of facial changes. “In this way, the pocket of the upper cover turns out to be truly profound.

So all things considered, that multitude of contact focal points had the option to conceal like a pile of hotcakes truly far somewhere inside at all delicate piece of the eye.”

However she let it be known’s a “interesting event,” Kurteeva is utilizing her patient’s story to teach her supporters about contact focal point cleanliness.

She let the power source know that she recommends doing your eye care routine with your dental consideration routine so it’s not difficult to recall.

“As you go after the toothbrush, get the contacts out, then clean your teeth.

In the first part of the day, as you go after the toothbrush, put the contacts in with fake tears and afterward clean your teeth subsequently. It’s actual essential,” she said.

Kurteeva said the patient “immediately recuperated” and has returned to her everyday daily schedule, and is shockingly anticipating wearing contact focal points once more.

She added that the patient is exceptionally fortunate that she had no extreme or super durable harm to her eyes.

“It doesn’t necessarily in every case end this well,” Kurteeva said. “I’ve been practically speaking for right around 20 years and I’ve seen a few cases truly go south, where individuals foster vision-compromising diseases… from even like a day of short-term contact focal point wearing.”