Oritse femi Shares New Photos Days After Wife Nabila Announced She Is Divorcing Him

Oritse femi, a popular Nigerian music musician, revealed new photographs only days after his estranged spouse Nabila announced her separation from him.

The singer, who has been expelled from their leased house by his estranged spouse Nabila because of major adultery claims, took to Instagram to share these new photographs.


Netizens were all over the remarks section tearing him apart for cheating on his beautiful spouse One called him “Boda japojapo” He captioned these photographs “Whatever you are be a decent one’ Nabila Fash, Oritsefemi’s better half, says their marriage has separated and that they are in the center of a separation process because he had a kid while they were as yet married.

Oritsefemi’s significant other Nabila Fash has said that their marriage has separated and that she has mentioned a separation.

At the point when he fathered a kid while they were as yet married and trying to conceive their own kid, according to Nabila, that was the straw that crushed the camel’s spirit.

She revealed that before they met, Oritsefemi had two daughters from two separate ladies, whom she adopted as her own.

She claimed that when they were dating and set to marry, the singer got another woman pregnant and had another youngster with her.

Nabila, an advertising master, stated that the artist was physically abusive to her two times, however that he primarily abused her emotionally and verbally.

She said that her marriage to the artist had a profound impact on her and had changed her personality.

Nabila said she had to deal with Oritsefemi constantly cheating with various ladies.

She mentioned that several ladies even reached out to her to inform her that he was hitting on them and even sent receipts.

She said she was mentally distraught to the degree she even created a gathering where she invited all the ladies he was cheating with and had them meet themselves.

While some were stunned, others said they didn’t realize he was married. She mentioned that after some time she became numb to his cheating.

At the point when Oritsefemi went online to ask for help begging her to leave their home because he was physically abusing her, Nabila said he was already expecting a son with the fourth lady.

Oritsefemi, according to Nabila, is refusing to accept the separation because he thinks they’ll reunite and do another image shoot to act like they’re the pair to beat.

In early October, Oritsefemi shared a photograph of a young man on his IG page and tagged it “My twin..my prince”