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Brother Polight is an American creator and an inspirational orator. He has composed in excess of 90 books.

As of late he was captured for assaulting his better half’s girl. Individuals are blaming him for being a pedophile. He recently had criminal records.

Additionally, Polight’s genuine name is Michael Noak. He was born on 10 August 1983 in Brooklyn.

In like manner, he is the originator of Nu-Covenant, which centers around goodness and unity for the entirety of humankind. the organization depends on Egyptian Mythology.

The aphorism of his business is “When Consciousness meets Commerce”.

His name “P.O.L.I.G.H.T” represents pride, confidence, love, respectability, chivalrous, genuineness, and trust.

Orocho is a mother of a 14-year-old little girl whose little girl was assaulted by Brother Polight.

Her little girl is known as TS. Orocho is 31 years of age.

As indicated by the news, Polight was dating for longer than a year. They were likewise living respectively.

The sources burst out with the data about capturing Brother Polight in his wrongdoing of assault.

Essentially, he was captured and associated with police cases due to having a weapon. He was likewise in a pack named “CRIPS”

From that point, he began his way on the criminal side at 17 years old.

Orocho is supposed to be 31 years of age.

Her little girl is known by the name TS. She is a 14-year-old young lady.

As indicated by the sources, Polight requested taking his sweetheart’s little girl to a get-together.

He attempted to drug the connection among mother and little girl.

After the party, Polight took Orocho’s girl to an inn and afterward close the entryway.

Moreover, he took care of his sweetheart’s girl a great deal of drinks and beginning hitting the dance floor with her. Then, at that point subsequent to making her inebriated, he snatched her thigh and private body parts

From that point forward, he removed his jeans and assaulted her. The young lady got oblivious. The high school young lady couldn’t do anything as Polight was constraining himself on her.

Orocho’s Instagram username is obscure.

However, Polight’s username is brother_polight. He has a ton of pictures of ladies on his Instagram.

It can’t be said which one is Orocho.

Moreover, Polite is an adherent to polygamy so he has 3-4 spouses. It was said that he was intending to wed 2 more.