Over 1,000 kg poppy straw seized in MP


New Delhi, Sep 26 (IANS) In duration of hostile to tranquilize tasks, Focal Department of Opiates (CBN), Neemuch held onto 1083.150 kg poppy straw from a thought house in Madhay Pradesh. The CBN likewise captured three people and recuperated two guns and 61 live cartridges from them.

The authorities got a hint that a Hathipura town occupant was engaged with carrying and transportation of poppy straw and was having unlawful poppy straw emitted at his home.


In the wake of getting the data, a group was framed and strike was directed. Seeing the authorities, the denounced had pointed their firearm at them yet were overwhelmed. Extra fortifications from the close by police headquarters were likewise called to help the CBN officials.

“High precast wall had been built around the transitory godown alongside tin shed to cover the criminal operations. The hunt brought about recuperation of 25 packs of poppy straw weighing 482.700 kg stacked in one Mahindra Pickup, 21 sacks of poppy straw weighing 401.550 kg stacked in Scorpio SUV and 5 packs of powdered poppy straw weighing 198.900 kg stacked in Hyundai i20 vehicle (All out 51 sacks of poppy straw weighing 1083.150 kg). Two gun and 61 live cartridges were likewise recuperated,” the authority said.

Crushing machine (utilized for crushing poppy straw into fine powder to diminish the volume of poppy straw), sewing machine with heap of blue string (utilized for sewing and pressing, poppy straw packs), weighing scale, vacuum apparatus (for vehicles) and so on were likewise recuperated and seized from the brief godown (Bada).

Further examination regarding this situation is in progress.