Oxygen’s Snapped: What happened to Jeremy Simko?


In November 2009, Jeremy Simko from Vermilion, Ohio, was found shot to death by experts in a house he imparted to his better half Julene Simko. There were just two individuals inside the house when police showed up at the scene — an exceptionally dead Simko and a canvassed in-blood and crazy Julene, who guaranteed that the aggressor was still there when she settled on the 911 decision, a misleading case.

A years-in length examination ultimately uncovered the hazier side of their marriage, including an expert slave understanding between the couple and BDSM pictures. Afterward, an admission from one of the people on call, who showed up at the crime location on that game changing morning, prompted Julene’s capture in 2014. After three years, she was sentenced for her significant other’s homicide.


Oxygen’s Snapped is scheduled to return to Jeremy Simko’s chilling and surprising homicide case from 2009 in an impending episode on December 26, 2022. The episode, named Julene Simko, airs at 5:00 pm ET. The abstract states:

“At the point when the proprietor of an Ohio finishing organization is found shot to death in his bed, the resulting examination uncovered an intricate trap of sex, fixation, and power.”Jeremy Simko died of a solitary discharge twisted to the rear of the head

Jeremy Simko’s better half Julene wildly called 911 on November 18, 2009, guaranteeing that her kid spouse had been shot dead and that the assailant was still inside their Vermilion, Ohio, home.

After showing up at the crime location, specialists observed that all entryways were as yet locked, giving no indications of a break-in, and that the main two individuals present inside the house were Simko, who was shot once toward the rear of the head, and his better half, who was shrouded in blood and crazy. Julene Simko was hurried to the clinic.

As indicated by Oxygen, Vermilion Police Boss Robert Kish nitty gritty the occasions from the day of the homicide, saying,

“There’s two individuals in the house, one individual is dead, this woman’s crazy, you have a ton of things going through your head. She’s covered with blood, she’s crazy, so I somewhat felt the best thing to do at the time was to get her to a clinic.”
While exploring the homicide, criminal investigators found that Julene was s*xually attacked by her dad when she was youthful and that the person in question, Jeremy, was a forceful and predominant individual, continuously searching for a battle. Their relationship was apparently great and as indicated by a companion of the few, they even “cooperated and played together and “were an ordinary, blissful couple.”

After scowering their property, specialists observed that the Simkos were security cognizant and had various cautions set all through their home. Besides, they found a .357 magnum pistol, the supposed deadly weapon, with one spent cartridge in the chamber and utilized s*x toys.

Julene later guaranteed that they were looted once before the homicide and once later, yet specialists couldn’t find any leads, after which specialists observed that the couple was experiencing monetary issues. Additionally, no surprising DNA or prints were recovered from the scene, which made them suspect that somebody from inside the casualty’s lacking elbow room was behind the homicide.

Jeremy Simko’s capricious marriage with spouse Julene surfaced during the homicide examination

Specialists just made a forward leap in Jeremy Simko’s case years after the fact, when they found BDSM pictures and recordings from the couple’s marriage alongside a 14-page ace slave understanding. Nonetheless, in November 2013, Julene approached, stating that she was not a survivor of s*xual viciousness and that it was totally consensual.

However, in practically no time, specialists got vital data from one of the people on call from Jeremy Simko’s homicide scene – a medical caretaker who guaranteed that Julene Simko told her that “I just shot my better half,” prior to changing her proclamation to “gracious, someone shot my significant other.” She was prosecuted in December 2014 on various counts, including disturbed murder and messing with proof.

In 2017, Julene Simko was viewed as liable and condemned to 28 years in jail.