Oxygen’s Snapped: Where is Melissa Zitterman now?


55-yea-old Ron Tomich was shot in the head on February 14, 2003 in the Indiana town of Sandia. He was tracked down lying dead in the kitchen.

Ron’s better half, Constance Tomich, was indicted for homicide as the brains, despite the fact that she was not the person who pulled the trigger on Ron. Connie controlled and utilized her little girl’s companion Melissa Zitterman to do the shocking wrongdoing.


Zitterman is as of now free from jail, but still under watch subsequent to serving 10 years in a correctional facility. She finished her Four year college education in IT the executives and is presently hitched and is carrying on with a cheerful day to day life.

Subtleties of this chilling case will be revealed in Oxygen’s actual wrongdoing series Spoke harshly to 5 PM on 16 January.

The tranquility of an Indiana town is intruded on Valentine’s Day 2003, when police get a report of a rough homicide.

Peruse on to figure out how Ron was killed, why Melissa Zitterman completed the shocking demonstration and moreRon was carrying on with a cheerful wedded life What seemed to surface was that Ron was carrying on with a cheerful wedded life however truly, his marriage was self-destructing. The trigger appeared to be his step-little girl Alyssa’s undertaking with a person named Aaron, which Ron didn’t endorse.

Ron implemended severe principles in the house and permitted Alyssa to utilize her telephone or the web. He needed to remove any method for correspondence that Alyssa could have with Aaron.

Connie, then again, was not as against the relationship. She was, truth be told, cordial with her girl about it, with which Ron had an issue.

While Ron was away from home for work, Connie began an issue with Roger, Ron’s colleague. After Alyssa’s issue with Aaron escaped Ron’s control with him away from home, he chose to return.

That’s what connie understood in the event that Ron returns, her relationship with Roger would be impacted so she devised a strategy to save her relationship. She chose to dispose of Ron for all time.

Melissa Zitterman, who had nothing to do with Ron, was set off when Connie would let her tales about know an oppressive spouse Ron. Zitterman was additionally irate about the way that he had banned her companion Alyssa from utilizing the web or the telephone.

Subsequent to being sincerely controlled profoundly, Zitterman chose to help Connie and on February 14, Melissa killed Ron by shooting him in the head.

In spite of Melissa being the person who pulled the trigger, Connie confronted the greatest sentence as she was the brains behind the connivance.

Connie was condemned to 85 years in jail while Melissa was given 20 years detainment and 10 years of probation. She is presently free from jail, but still under watch.

Connie is carrying out her punishment at the most extreme security Indiana Ladies’ Jail in Indianapolis.

Connie’s beau Roger was likewise under doubt, however was feeling significantly better when he gave a justification. Connie had likewise requested that Alyssa’s sweetheart Aaron help her kill her significant other, yet Aaron was adequately cognizant to reject.

Connie had attempted to control him by letting him know how simple it would be for him to draw near to Alyssa with Ron good and gone.