Oyindamola’s response on social media

Oyindamola Martins, the more youthful brother of late Airhead Ogbonna has uncovered more subtleties of how his family attempted to isolate his sister from her significant other, IVD.

Responding to remarks via virtual entertainment, Oyindamola made sense of the beginning of the connection between his sister and her significant other.


He made sense of that they began dating when she was eighteen years of age and she exited school as a result of him and gave him all her school charges. All endeavors to isolate them were without much of any result. At a point, IVD was secured while the family implored him to let Airhead be. He anyway differ and got her pregnant all things considered.

Oyindamola’s reaction via online entertainment An online entertainment client recognized as ‘Timmy Cook 1′ inquired: For what reason didn’t your FAMILY assist @oyindamola.martins? Oyindamola answered: “We did everything made a difference didn’t begin from now it began from when she was 18years exiting school and giving him all her school charges was only a youngster then, at that point, she’s more seasoned than me with 10years we secured him proposed to pay him to avoid her he disagreed till he got her pregnant we took her to another state he sent her a message that he planned to die in the event that she didn’t return she ran from abj to Lagos we actually took her to recovery.

“Truly she been in this since she was 18years we are thinking they took a blood cloister cause she continued to run back to him. Ivd is known for busting different cultivator I have evidence as well.

“I have made sense of endless on this remark area how about a whole family simply watch one of us endure, we took her to recovery took her to another state we secured him, she took from us to take care of him when he had no cash she was 18 when she ran out of the house with him.

“Interesting how we did this haha Abimbola how could you be this idiotically infatuated ?she exited school and gave this blockhead all her school charges”.

Oyindamola asserted IVD compromised him Kemi Filani news detailed before that Oyindamola took to his Instagram page to deliver recordings that charge that IVD is HIV positive and furthermore liable for the shooting that occurred at a club where vocalist, Burna Kid and his group were blamed for purportedly captivating in a shootout with a wedded lady.

Martins further affirmed that IVD took steps to shoot him immediately after he delivered proof to demonstrate that IVD is answerable for his sister’s passing as he looks for equity.

Airhead’s passing Kemi Filani news announced that the VIP car seller’s significant other, Airhead died on Saturday, fifteenth October 2022.

The miserable news was reported by her sister, Mom Jazz, in an Instagram post. Reporting her destruction, her sister got down on IVD for killing his better half. “My hands are shaking.

Airhead is no more. Airhead is gone-My sister is no more. The fire is consuming me Haaaaaaa.

IVD you killed my main sister. Abimbola IVD killed my sister, IVD killed my sister, IVD killed my sister”. Understand here