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Candace Hiltz, the mother of Paige Hiltz, was a youngster wonder. She was known for performing complex math by the age of 11.

Lamentably, the single parent was killed on August fifteenth, 2006. Her homicide story has been shrouded in the Season 6 of Cold Justice.

Paige Hiltz was called by her primary care physicians The Miracle Baby. She had given heaps of pleasure and joy to her family.

The girl of Candace Hiltz had a couple of hours to live after her introduction to the world. In any case, she lived to be seven.

Her definite birthdate is September 19, 2005. She has a place with the Virgo prophetic sign.

Hiltz was born an extraordinary child. Her mom had a stroke that impacted Paige in the belly. She was determined to have hydranencephaly.

The clinical report proposed that Hiltz was born with a strange amassing of cerebrospinal liquid.

The Miracle Child couldn’t walk or talk however her grin could liquefy the core of anybody.

The pitiful part is, she never got to see her mother, who had died a few months before her first birthday celebration.

Candace Hiltzs girl Paige Hiltz died on Thanksgiving day on November 22, 2012. She was just seven years of age during her end.

Paige was made due by her grandma, Dolores Hiltz. They lived in Cotopaxi after Candace was killed.

Candace Hilts passing reason came about because of a serious ailment. She was given clinical office on November 21, 2012, however couldn’t get by.

After the passing of Paige, her organs were given to penniless kids. As of late her ninth passing commemoration was praised by the Hiltz family.

The stunning homicide of Candace Hiltz occurred in August 2006. Her executioner was rarely found.

Candace had got into a contention with Deputy Robert Dodd before she died. Reports recommend that she was compromised for quite a long time.

On August 15, Candaces mother Dolores found her dead body under the bed. She was enveloped by a green blanket.

Measurable uncovered, Candace Hiltz was shot on numerous occasions in her mind. Besides, the examination was done ineffectively to track down her killer.

The authority post-mortem result at long last showed various blunders for the situation. In the end, a progression of theory was made, in spite of the fact that there are no indications of the executioner.

In 2018, Deputy Robert Dodd was accused of the count of public maltreatment. He is suspected to have killed Hiltz with a shotgun.

Be that as it may, in 2019, Dodds charges were maintained after he recorded an interest for his feelings. Candace Hiltzs executioner has been unidentified right up ’til today.