Paper Cape Children’s Pajamas recall: reason, colors, sizes and all you need to know


The youngsters’ clothing image, Paper Cape, has given a cross country review for its Kids’ Night wear as the dress neglects to satisfy government combustibility guidelines for kids’ sleepwear.

The reviewed kids’ night robe might represent a serious to extreme consume injury hazard to youngsters.

All apparel or potentially sleepwear implied for kids needs to conform to the Government Combustibility guidelines as youngsters are frequently inclined to encountering consume wounds from radiators, candles, lights, and so on while dozing.

The Government Combustibility Standard’s base combustibility opposition limit assists with guaranteeing the wellbeing of youngsters who are the expected clients of sleepwear.

The review influences somewhere around two styles of Paper Cape Kids’ Night robe, specifically, Long Sleeve Exemplary Nightgown, and Exemplary Footless Pajama Sleepers. Made with 100 percent Pima cotton, the kids’ sleepwear is fabricated in Peru.

The reviewed Long Sleeve Exemplary Night wear is accessible in 17 prints and tones, including naval force, heather dim, child blue, red, pink blush, pink bows, pink stripe, blue stripe, divine print, blue botanical, truck print, plane print, watercolor flower, light pink, turquoise, pink spot and jungle gym print.

The Exemplary Footless Pajama Sleepers were likewise accessible in no less than 16 prints and varieties, including naval force, heather dark, child blue, red, pink blush, pink bows, blue plants print, watercolor flower, light pink, pink stripe, blue stripe, divine print, nautical print, rabbit print, pink spot, and jungle gym print.

The reviewed kids’ night robe were offered in youngsters’ sizes from a year to 12 years, and were accessible through the brand’s site or potentially other youngsters’ clothing stores the nation over.

Clients can perceive the reviewed kids’ sleepwear by searching for a sewn-in neck mark with the subtleties “Paper Cape, 100 percent Pima Cotton, Made in Peru,” alongside the size assignment and the admonition “wear cozy fitting, not fire safe”, imprinted on it.

One more sewn-in side name within the kids’ night robe states “Paper Cape, 100 percent Pima Cotton, Made in Peru” on the front, and has the washing and care guidelines on the back.

Clients who might have purchased the reviewed kids’ night wear are encouraged to quit utilizing them right away.

The reviewed items are to be obliterated and cut into equal parts.

Shoppers will actually want to guarantee a discount on the cost of the night robe + 10% when they send a photograph of the obliterated dress to the organization. After getting the photographs, the organization will be providing clients with a full discount of the first cost or store credit.

Clients ought to connect with the organization about the discount (at gather) at 415-545-8087 between 9 am and 5 pm PT, Monday to Friday. The organization can likewise be reached by means of email at

Clients who need to find out about the review can look at the site or and click on “Review Data” at the highest point of the page.