“People Ask Me How I Appear To Have a Happy Life All The Time” – Jamima Osunde

Nollywood entertainer, Jemima Osunde who is quite possibly of the most enthusiastic entertainer in the business has responded to an inquiry individuals ordinarily pose to her.

Going on Instagram on Monday morning, she said, “Individuals ask me how I seem to have a blissful life constantly”. They inquire as to whether she doesn’t likewise go through horrible times.


Jemima made sense of that she has awful times as well and some of which she uncovers via online entertainment. She gave an illustration of how she was wiped out a year ago.

She has chosen to be content consistently regardless of what she is in. Carrying on with issues throughout everyday life or conditions that are horrible doesn’t strip her of her satisfaction.

She made sense of that occasionally she goes off virtual entertainment for some time at whatever point she goes through that situation and maybe it’s influencing her.

Jemima is quite possibly of the most joyful superstar in Nigeria. She is constantly seen grinning for the camera and had this exuberance on and off stage.