Person of Interest in the Killing of 4 Friends from Oklahoma Arrested in Florida


An individual of interest in the grim demise of four companions from Oklahoma was captured for purportedly taking a vehicle on Tuesday. Joe Kennedy, 67, was kept in Daytona Ocean side Shores, Florida after purportedly being found in a vehicle that was accounted for taken to the experts on Monday, the Okmulgee Police Division (OPD) declared Tuesday.

A warrant has likewise been given for his capture in Okmulgee Province Region Court for an infringement of his probation connecting with a shooting in 2012, OPD said.

A Daytona Ocean side Shores Division of Public Wellbeing official made the capture after her tag peruser cautioned her that a pickup — a Toyota Tundra — was taken after it drove past her, the division said in a public statement. Kennedy was accused of stupendous burglary of an engine vehicle and set up for Volusia District prison in Florida.

He is as of now held without bond, as per the delivery. It isn’t clear assuming that he has connected with legitimate portrayal to talk for his benefit.

The authorities from OPD said the Lead prosecutor and the Sheriff will start the most common way of moving Kennedy back to Okmulgee Area to do assist examination concerning Kennedy’s supposed association in the passings of four companions.

Mark Chastain, 32; Billy Chastain, 30; Mike Sparkles, 32; and Alex Stevens, 29 evaporated on Sunday, Oct. 9 subsequent to leaving on of their homes on bicycles.

Days after the fact, a bystander found what specialists later recognized as various human remaining parts.

On Monday, the Okmulgee Police Boss Joe Prentice affirmed in a news preparation, shared by Tulsa’s KJRH-television, that the human remaining parts that had been found were the missing companions and the four men might have been killed while anticipating completing a wrongdoing.

Their authority reason for death has not been affirmed however they were shot, Prentice said at that point, adding that the missing individuals examination is currently viewed as a homicide examination. He added at the time that agents have not tracked down the men’s bikes.

“I’ve worked more than 80 killings in my vocation. I have worked murders including different casualties. I have worked dismemberings.

Be that as it may, this case includes the largest number of casualties and it’s an extremely fierce occasion.

I can’t say that I’ve worked nothing like it except for it’s right up there,” Prentice said of the case.

He later said that Kennedy had been helping out police before he disappeared, and said he didn’t have the foggiest idea about the people in question.

Their families were “upset” and “stunned” when recounted the improvements in the examination.