Philadelphia armed carjacking of mother, teen daughter caught on video


An early morning outfitted carjacking in Philadelphia including a mother and her high school girl was gotten on record, specialists said.

The pair were leaving their home around 6:20 a.m. on Sept. 19 when they were trapped by a carjacker with a weapon, the Philadelphia Police Division said in a video delivered Monday requesting help in recognizing the suspect.

“It seems he was laying on pause,” police Capt. John Ryan told FOX Philadelphia. “He rode a bike up there, abandoned the bike, that’s what we have.”

The suspect accepted the lady’s tote as they were both getting into the vehicle. They are heard on security video shouting in dread.

The lady’s Hyundai St Nick Fe was taken from a carport and nobody was harmed, police said.

“Our proposal is dependably not to oppose, and not get yourselves injured in these circumstances,” Ryan said. “It’s not worth you being harmed or harmed more terrible than that.”

No captures have been put forth in the defense, police said.