Philip Chism was raped and murdered, and Colleen Ritzer


Assuming we discuss the ongoing situation, we can say that individuals of this world are going down various unseemly ways and pick special ways of receiving in return. Also, one case which is so ruthless while hearing the instance of Colleen Ritze, who wrecked assaulted and afterward by his own understudy mt fiercely.

So the world ought to contemplate the security of young ladies and ladies as they shouldn’t aimlessly entrust any men and take men with the assessment that he is alright or not on the grounds that a few men are creatures in the collection of people. Along these lines, they hurt numerous ladies.

Insight concerning the episode and how she died:- Colleen Ritzer was showing in Danvers High School, and she was the number related educator. Each understudy in her school regarded and appreciated her since she had advised everybody to come to her home and pose any inquiries they needed, in any event, when the school was not open, or there was no meeting.

In any case, one evening when she went to the school restroom, the understudy Philip Chism, 14 years, pursued her, and in the restroom, his face was covered, and his hand was covered with gloves there; he assaulted her in an extremely improper way and after which he killed her.

What did the Attorneys of Philip Chism say:- He said that he had accomplished such a great deal since he had a psychological sickness and his body had no control, so it’s not his shortcoming as, through CCTV, obviously he was the one in particular who had done so amiss with that woman and on the exceptionally terrible day.

Philip Chism was assaulted He ought to be embarrassed about himself, so that’s what his Attorneys say and since he was 14 years he didn’t get the discipline of death. All things being equal, he went to prison for a long time, and this occurrence occurred in 2013, so presently he will likewise be in prison.