Piers Morgan hacked: Shocking tweets about The Queen, Messi and Ed Sheeran leave internet in splits

Docks Morgan as of late ended up on the Twitter moving page after a few stunning tweets were posted from his record, remembering tweets about Lionel Messi and improper remarks for The Sovereign and Ed Sheeran.

In spite of the fact that his devotees were at first staggered by the idea of Morgan’s tweets, many rushed to reason that the English columnist’s record was hacked.


Perhaps of the most stunning tweet about the late ruler on the hacked Twitter account read, “F*** the Sovereign.” Different tweets saw the record alluding to Ed Sheeran as “ginger p***k and “ginger f***er.”

The supposed programmers likewise sent a tweet to previous English Top state leader Boris Johnson requesting that he get a hair style and naming him an “revolting b*m.” Another tweet saw the programmers expressing “Messi is the genuine [G.O.A.T emoji] and Mbappe.”

The programmers referred to Messi as “Goat,” an abbreviation for “Absolute best ever,” from Wharfs Morgan’s record after the telecaster made news for getting down on the soccer star following Argentina’s success at FIFA 2022.

Morgan recently pummeled Messi for his way of behaving during the World Cup last and blamed him for being harmful towards others on the field. He drew correlations between the competitor and Cristiano Ronaldo and composed:

“So yesterday, Lionel Messi manhandled the arbitrator, mishandled the adversary mentor and mishandled one of his rivals. Methinks assuming Ronaldo did that, it would get a bit more media consideration.”
Be that as it may, the disconnected feeling about Messi from Morgan’s hacked account left virtual entertainment clients in parts. While many answered the hack with funny remarks, some additionally cooperated with the programmers, requesting that they give an understanding into Morgan’s DMs.

One Twitter client additionally composed: The programmers even answered to the solicitations, saying there was “nothing fascinating” in the telecaster’s confidential messages.

Morgan’s Twitter show name was likewise changed multiple times to “Michael,” “Haha” and “Docks C**t,” while his profile read “Throwing Crew.” Reports propose that the record was probably taken over by a gathering of programmers distinguishing as The Hurling Crew.

The programmer aggregate has recently been related with hacking assaults on big names and individuals of note like Mariah Carey, Jack Dorsey and Jason Derulo. The gathering has additionally been blamed for sim trading assaults previously.

Web-based entertainment clients were as of late left in shock after Docks Morgan’s Twitter account showed a few improper tweets about The Sovereign, Boris Johnson, Andrew Tate and Ed Sheeran and showered acclaim on Lionel Messi.

The record was purportedly hacked by a gathering called The Laughing Crew who even connected with netizens from Morgan’s record. Right after the occurrence, a few group took to Twitter to answer the hack with comical images and entertaining remarks:

Almost an hour after the hack, Twitter conceivably made a move against the assault and got the greater part free from the hostile tweets. The posted content was supplanted with a message expressing: “This Tweet is inaccessible.”

Indeed, even the subtleties of Docks Morgan’s record, including profile picture, flag photograph and bio, were likewise taken out. As responses keep on pouring in on the web, it is not yet clear in the event that the columnist will address the hacking episode in the days to come.