Piper Niven Husband: Is She Married? Relationship And WWE Journey

WWE genius Flute player Niven is otherwise called Doudrop in the ring. She wedded her long-lasting sweetheart in Scotland on Saturday, September 3, 2023.

The 32-year-old grappler and her sweetheart have been together for quite a long time and got taken part in 2021. Albeit much about the wedding and Flute player Niven’s marriage is obscure, there’s no questioning that it’s an immense achievement in the existence of the previous WWE NXT UK Ladies’ Hero and current Crude program part.


Flautist Niven’s WWE Profession Flautist Niven’s wrestling profession has been completely marvelous. She rose to unmistakable quality in the WWE NXT UK division, where she brought home the Ladies’ Title. She just joined the Crude program, permitting her to exhibit her capacities for a bigger scope.

The Marriage Declaration Flautist Niven’s marriage was declared on her own Twitter account, where she posted various lovely photos from the occasion. Congrats have been pouring in from fans and different grapplers the same.

Flautist Niven: Who Is She? Flute player Niven, born Kimberly Benson, is a Scottish expert grappler as of now contracted to WWE. She has been known as Doudrop in the ring and is a significant individual from the Crude program. Niven’s wrestling style has shown remarkable assortment, procuring her a fan #1.

Who Is Her Better half? One charming element of Flute player Niven’s wedding is that she has picked to keep her better half’s name stowed away. No characters or explicit insights regarding him have been uncovered, loaning an atmosphere of secret to the entire occasion.

Questions and Triumphs While Flautist Niven is partaking in her wedded life, she is no new to the issues that much of the time go with superstar. She has encountered ill-advised remarks from different grapplers, however she has consistently figured out how to transcend it.

What Does the Future Hold for Flautist Niven and Her Better half? Fans are excited to see what’s on the horizon for Flute player Niven and her better half as she starts this new part in her life. With her current situation on the Crude program, it appears to be that her wrestling profession is nowhere near finished.