Pokemon GO: Best Dragon Type Pokemon Ranked & Tier List

There are bunches of Dragon assortment Pokemon in Pokemon GO in any case out of every one of them, just some is maybe pondered in all probability awesome. What’s more, having the most grounded mythical serpent type Pokemon in your workers will simplify it to in heaps of strikes. So with out extra ado permit us to quickly check this Tier Listing of the Finest Dragon pokemon in Pokemon GO.

On the off chance that you don’t an indistinguishable from the Mega advancements then the Legendary Pokemon like Kyurem, Zekrom and Reshiram are the following most noteworthy Dragon Pokemon all through the game.


Pokemon Tier
Giratina S Tier
Dragonite S Tier
Mega Charizard X S Tier
Rayquaza S Tier
Mega Ampharos S Tier
Salamence S Tier
Mega Altaria S Tier
Garchomp S Tier
Mega Latias S Tier
Mega Latios S Tier
Dialga A Tier
Palkia A Tier
Haxorus A Tier
Hydreigon A Tier
Reshiram A Tier
Zekrom A Tier
Kyurem A Tier
Latias A Tier
Latios A Tier
Altaria A Tier
Goodra B Tier
Flygon B Tier
Sliggoo B Tier
Dragonair B Tier
Alolan Exeggutor B Tier
Gabite C Tier
Druddigon C Tier
Zweilous C Tier
Tyrantrum C Tier
Gible D Tier
Shelgon D Tier
Fraxure D Tier
Vibrava D Tier
Kingdra D Tier
Dratini F Tier
Bagon F Tier
Goomy F Tier
Axew F Tier
Deino F Tier
Tyrunt F Tier

Mythical serpent Pokemon Tier Listing – Ranked from Finest to Worst Recorded here are the entire mythical serpent assortment pokemon positioned from most noteworthy to most terrible for Pokemon GO:

That covers this information on probably the best Dragon assortment Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In the occasion you need having charming with Pokemon video computer games then, at that point, have at the top of the priority list to validate our aides on the shortcomings and protections for battling assortment and bug assortment Pokemon all through the game.