Popeyes introduces new Shrimp Roll to its seafood menu

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is anticipating extending its fish menu as it as of late presented another Shrimp Roll. The test thing can be appreciated at restricted areas beginning January 28, including Lantana, Florida.

Accessible in restricted areas the nation over, the Shrimp Roll includes the chain’s notable popcorn shrimp in an exquisite roll. The new test thing joins the chain’s fish menu for an exceptionally restricted time.


Clients will actually want to evaluate the Shrimp Roll at a beginning cost of $3.99 at all taking part areas the nation over. It isn’t sure in the event that the test thing will be accessible to arrange for get or conveyances, as they are seldom accessible on the versatile application or site menu. The cheap food chain has not presented the thing at a cross country level for the present, however comparative plans might be coming up for what’s in store.

The cheap food chain has likewise not alluded to how long Popeyes Shrimp Roll will be accessible on the menu, so clients are encouraged to give it a shot at the earliest conceivable date.

Popeyes is a name that is inseparable from chicken, yet that isn’t all that the cheap food chain is great at. From Cajun Fries to Rolls, Popcorn Shrimp to Macintosh and Cheddar, the Florida-based inexpensive food chain offers a comprehensive menu for food darlings the nation over. Assuming you actually believe that the chain’s menu misses the mark on piece when you need a filling feast with something besides chicken, then, at that point, the new Shrimp Roll might seem like the ideal response for your yearning.

Accessible across restricted partaking areas, Popeyes Shrimp Roll includes the chain’s most famous fish thing – the popcorn shrimp – which is matched with crunchy destroyed green-leaf lettuce, two cuts of fresh dill pickles, and exquisite darkened tartar sauce.

The chain serves the restricted time Shrimp Roll on a rich toasted brioche hoagie at a proposed cost of $3.99. Clients can likewise get the Shrimp Roll as a dinner for $6.89, which accompanies a side and a beverage of your decision.

However the cheap food chain has served an extensive variety of Shrimp-put together things with respect to its menu from now onward, indefinitely quite a while, the Popcorn Shrimp has turned into an unequaled number one the nation over. It is made with excellent shrimp and is seasoned with a mix of Louisiana-style spices and flavors. The hand-battered shrimps are then broiled in a quite hot oil which gives them a notable firm and crunchy surface.

The inexpensive food chain serves its Popcorn Chicken as a ‘1/4 lb Popcorn Shrimp combo’ at a recommended cost of $10.99. The combo feast accompanies 1/4 lbs of Popcorn Shrimp, a standard side, a little beverage of your decision, and a bread roll.

Established in 1972, Popeyēs Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., a.k.a. Popeyes, is a chain of American global broiled chicken drive-through eateries. Settled in Miami, Florida, the chain has eateries in excess of 3,700 areas around the world.

Right now an auxiliary of Toronto-based organization Eatery Brands Worldwide, the chain has stores in excess of 46 states in the US. The seared chicken cheap food chain has some expertise in broiled chicken, broiled chicken-based sandwiches, french fries, fish, vegetable rolls, and Cajun cooking