Popular Skitmaker Doctall Kingsley has taken to IG to cry out

Well known Skitmaker Doctall Kingsley has taken to IG to shout out after ‘itemized crooks’ attacked his home and trucked away the entirety of his resources.

Portraying his trial, Kingsley who said he and his significant other who as of late conceived an offspring through CS are as yet damaged said the burglars raged his home at 12 PM, kept him and his family prisoner and took as much time as necessary to check out his home prior to social affair each important thing in his home with the exception of his Television.

‘They took all that I have worked for in my life ‘, he deplored. Talking further the production creator said the burglars requested that he open his bank application and in a sparkle of an eye, they cleared all his cash suddenly, which was stunning to him. He said his assailants proceeded to illuminate him that they were shipped off kill him by somebody whose name they wouldn’t specify.

Kingsley said the burglars at last left with his as of late bought vehicle and the outfits he utilizes for his productions.

The skitmaker who has detailed the occurrence to the police said he doesn’t have any idea who he could have insulted as he is an exceptionally harmony cherishing performer who minds his business.

He expressed that he has been left abandoned by the experience and confounded as he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where to begin.

Kemi Filani news revealed in September that Sabinus had endure a fender bender. The skitmaker and content maker was associated with a mishap while coming from his commitment service.

Twitter powerhouse, Danny, revealed this news on Twitter. He guaranteed that a thought inebriated driver ran into Sabinus’ vehicle from the opposite roadside earlier today while driving home.

He guaranteed the public that the skitmaker was in a great shape. In any case, he crashed his new Benz.

Affirming the news, Sabinus took to his Instagram story to guarantee his fans that he was protected. He valued them for their calls and care.

Reports that rounds in September guaranteed that Sabinus got connected with to his better half in an exceptionally confidential service.

A netizen who released the news guaranteed that the skitmaker came to his area to do a little commitment at his sweetheart’s parent’s home. As per him, this occurred in Time Ojo, Lagos.

He went with the post with a video which showed Sabinus going into a house.

When the skitmaker saw that he was been recorded, he gave an admonition.

“Sabinus came to my area to do a little commitment at his sweetheart’s parent’s home. Occurred in Period Ojo, Lagos”.

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