Portable Has Shared His Sordid Experience In Italy

Famous Nigerian vocalist, Habeeb Okikiola otherwise known as Versatile, has shared his shameful involvement with Italy, where he was charged to perform at a show. He got down on show advertisers that booked him for imperiling his life and encouraged his partners to be careful about them.

Compact took to his Instagram story to regret in an extended post as he described how he got away almost being kidnapped and shot He likewise posted a few recordings of him facing one of the supposed show advertisers who came to get him late around evening time and took him to a perilous place where they were seized of their properties.


After my effective eight shows such a long ways in Europe. Had an effective Tahoe in Parma Italy the earlier week. In any case, the Padova Advertisers ended up being unpracticed, deficient, amateurish, corrupt, and notorious.

On steadfast Saturday 29th October 2022, I showed up from Dusseldorf Germany close by my group at 16:20 at Venice air terminal (Marco Polo Italy) and hung tight for more than two hours before the alleged advertisers came ( favored diversion and Alex Jeffizy) they lacked the ability to pay the taxi fellow the total passages not until my director result the admissions.

“Up to half not until we showed up and they said they don’t have an equilibrium until they sell drinks till 4 am before they can adjust us and I can perform by then, we concurred and held up not until Alex and the driver returned at 3:40 am to pick us to the setting. The driver more than once missed the course and we spent over 2h 40mins out and about rather than 50mins. On drawing nearer to the scene, we found there had been shooting, cutting, and pyromania in the setting. Indeed, even Jeffizy himself got a progression of calls that we shouldn’t come to the scene since there has been a serious slaughter and we ought to ease off. No security, guardian, or expert.

We constrained the driver to stop the vehicle prior to getting to the hazardous scene. Unconsciously for us that they got their hooligans around the bend, and they gathered the vehicle key and requested €2,000 which my chief provided for them to empower us to leave the dangerous scene. Jeffizy gathered the cash and Gift Olise is familiar with it. ITALY advertisers are not genuine advertisers but rather con artists and faltering individuals. Whores ladies professing to be advertisers and unrefined men that took a boat to Europe professing to be an advertiser. I cautioned each Nigerian craftsman to keep away from any supposed Nigerian ITALY-based advertisers. They are unfilled.