Portable Humbles Himself As He Lands In Big Trouble With Unknown Identities And Nigerian Police

Habeeb Okikiola, a rising craftsman otherwise called Compact, has given a refusal of his declarations with respect to the beginning of the celebrated 1 million Young men.

As per Kemi Filani, the “Zazuu” artist created additional issues for him as well as his vocation when he resolutely said that he was the person who established the 1,000,000 young men and Ajah young men association.


Nigerians were angered by the video and scrutinized him for his boorish lead and free discourse, which would land him in prison.

Kemi Filani further said that the Investigator General of Police had sent off an examination on Convenient’s case that there were 1,000,000 young men, which will without a doubt harm his promising profession.

A new YouTube video shows Compact going against his earlier case that he established the Ajah chaps and the 1,000,000 young men.

The questionable road entertainer demanded that he was just making a reference to the quantity of fans he had both on the web and disconnected.

He guarantees that at whatever point he is in the public eye, there are a many individuals following him, including 1,000,000 guys and 1,000,000 young ladies, or fans.

Convenient, who withdrew his prior remark, guaranteed he had been compromised in view of his mission for the All Moderates Congress in Osun state by unidentified people.

Compact demanded that he was not informed ahead of time about the APC political race; rather, he was approached to sing his famous melody “Zazuu” before the party employed him as a mission expert.
He expressed:

I needed to yell out that this has reached a conclusion. If it’s not too much trouble, comprehend that I didn’t plan to lobby for the APC; rather, it was a show that was booked before I really showed up at the APC base camp. In any case, as a man, there was not a great explanation for concern since I needed to finish the responsibility since it involved cash. What’s more, by “1 million guys,” I truly signified “1 million devotees.” My life is being compromised, so if it’s not too much trouble, check this out.