Post Malone Drew a Tattoo for Fan During NY Concert and She ‘Could Not Believe’ Her Sign Worked

Post Malone is known for his numerous tattoos — and he’s assisting one fan with building her very own ink assortment!

However many fans carry signs to shows wanting to grab the eye of their number one specialists, few really do.

Enter Rita Regan, a Post Malone fan who got the “Circles” vocalist, 27, to draw her latest tattoo for her at one of his shows.

“I’ve cherished him for quite a while now,” Regan, 30, tells Individuals. “Every little thing about him — his style, his music, all that sort of goes with him.

On the off chance that you don’t have any acquaintance with him, you could never think [it], yet all the same he’s simply so sweet.”

Regan, who lives in Rockaway, Sovereigns, is no more unusual to tattoos, yet had a thought as a top priority for one more when she went to see Malone’s show at UBS Field in New York on Oct. 9.

As she went to the show, she carried with her a dazzling green sign that read “POSTY Kindly DRAW MY NEXT TATTOO,” complete with a Sharpie joined to it.

“I went with one of my old buddies, and she was like, ‘You’re not bringing this [sign], it’s never going to work,'” she reviews.

“I came into the vehicle and was like, ‘Look what I did!’ I just concocted the sign last minute.

I welcomed it spontaneously and couldn’t completely accept that it worked.”  During the show, she sat around 13 columns from the stage and saw that the Grammy-selected star was looking at her sign over the course of the evening, particularly after she passed it to a sitting a piece nearer. companion.

“It was a little sign, I would have rather not been in that frame of mind with it, holding it up,” she says. “Furthermore, I’m 30 years of age, so I was like, ‘This is crazy, however we should try it out.’

The entire show, he was looking at it and pointing, so we had an inclination, yet we were like, ‘What are the possibilities?'” Close to the furthest limit of the evening, Malone (genuine name Austin Post) sent safety officers to get the sign and carry it to the stage, where he took the Sharpie and drew straightforwardly on the sign, grinning and waving to Regan subsequently.

Regan was excited with the outcomes, and she made a beeline for a nearby tattoo parlor the exceptionally following day to get the plan inked to her left side arm.

However she was content with Malone’s specialty, she jokes she might have set the tattoo “in an unexpected way” had she not been as dazzled.

“I would’ve done it in any case!” she says of focusing on anything that Malone had at the top of the priority list. “Be that as it may, I was like, ‘This is great.’

Everyone was like, it seems as though a scrawl, yet it’s essentially the way in which he signs his initials and he added the hearts to it. I was like, ‘Brilliant.'”

The sweet cooperation was not whenever Regan first has won the star’s consideration; while at a Malone show in 2020, she carried a Bud Light rancher cap with her. S

ome way or another, after she passed it toward the stage, the cap wound up on Malone’s head in a video he shared to TikTok.

“I was like, ‘I will inspire him to wear this cap,'” she reviews. “What’s more, everyone was like, ‘Try to stay as cautiously optimistic as possible, it’s never going to work out. What are the possibilities of that?'” She proceeds: “It just made my affection for him a lot more since he’s so great with the fans — and not simply myself.

He remains after the show and attempts to do a couple of things. He truly thinks often about his fans.”

Malone won acclaim for his fan cooperations in Spring after a video of him assisting a fan with commending his 21st birthday at a sushi café in Los Angeles became famous online.

The “I Like You (A More joyful Tune)” vocalist is known for his own broad tattoo assortment, and most as of late got the letters “DDP” inked onto the left half of his face.

The underlying address those of his child little girl’s initials, however he still can’t seem to share her name openly.

He is as of now on his Twelve Carat Visit on the side of his fourth collection Twelve Carat Toothache, which was delivered in June.